Friday Fifteen Freewrite

I am reinstating this tradition! I have not been writing very much since I finished my 3200 page writing project! :) I have enjoyed being off the computer and on to other things, but I do miss writing. It is what I love to do and fifteen minutes is not going to be so detrimental for my back. So here I go!  I have already got one minute down.

I was supposed to go up to SW Portland today to participate in a mat class at a Pilates studio. I am deciding between doing my training with this studio and an individual in Salem. The one in Portland is the STOTT Pilates method, and the one in Salem is the traditional Pilates method. I have a letter of recommendation and had passed my anatomy quiz with 100% for the Portland studio, but I could not sign on the dotted line for the (expensive and twice as much as Salem) training that was starting on Friday, July 10. Good thing, as George came home sick, and I didn't feel so hot either. Then as the week has progressed, I have not gotten back to 100 percent of my PERKY self! I was going to go up so I could make a decision; but after waking up early and taking a shower, I felt yucky! So, I am sitting here and wondering. Originally, I was already going to be up in Portland with George at his work, but I felt yucky on Monday so did not go for the week. 

So, here I sit. I am going to try to rest today, but I cannot find a senior picture of Michael that I want to put in a frame! I found the frame that I bought last year at Costco, but now I cannot find the picture that I kept putting away saying, "I need to find a frame for that." I know it is a silly thing about my personality type, but I have a hard time "resting" when I have something like that hanging. So, instead of resting yesterday, I cleaned out my closet (because that was last time I saw the picture) and the closet in the office. I still have not found the picture. SO, I have one more closet to clean out (the guest room one), and then I don't know where it could be. I usually have all my pictures in one place, but somehow they were scattered when I was doing scrapbooking last Christmas vacation.

Come to think of it, I cannot find my brown skirt either. It is almost like it disappeared one day. I must have changed into another set of clothes somewhere and left it where I changed. I cannot remember. I guess I can call the church. I loved that brown skirt. Kim found it for me and sold it to me at a great price. It is so versatile. 

On a less whining and complaining note: I feel great in my muscles and joints. SO funny that I am pain free only to be sick! I have been doing lots of body work lately: Foundation Training, Pilates, Gokhale, and MELT. So, I am just a new woman in the pain department. Every once in a while I get a little twinge, but I am doing so well! Next thing will be a treadmill desk, and I can get off this 10 pounds that came creeping up on me in 2015! ACK! 

Well, I am needing to stand up and move. Praying I go right to where that picture is hiding. If I cannot find it, it is not the end of the world to order another one. I just don't want to order it and find it later! That would be so inefficient, and everyone who knows me is aware that drives me CRAZY!

Here's to resting and praying today! 

Update 3:45 pm:

I found the PICTURE at noon today! Remember I said that the last time I saw it was with my Christmas stuff? I decided to relax in our guest room downstairs  (when I realized that the new carpet was what was making me sick, see below). I had already looked in that closet, but I realized I had looked in the area where I keep pictures, but I did not look in the area where I had put the Christmas embellishments for my scrapbooks. I lifted them up and underneath was the picture! It was in that familiar Orange Shutterfly envelope dated October 2012. It only took me from May 2011 to October 2012 to get it printed and from October 2012 to July 2015 to get it in a frame! LOL! 

I also found my paperwhite Kindle (before the picture, actually) that I knew was around here somewhere. And icing on the cake, only seconds ago, I found the brown Cabi skirt I love so much! I went aggressively into my closet and felt every hanger. It was covered by my black sweater at the end.

On top of all that, I realized I have been feeling so YUCKY because of my new carpet. I started feeling nauseated since it was installed last Tuesday. I realized it when I was back in my bedroom with the window open and the door closed. I went back out in the living room, and I immediately felt nauseated! 

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