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Wellness of Body

Been too long since I have reported on this important part of wellness that I will do a freewrite. Ready GO! Starting at 10:10 and will end at 10:25 with many typos and errors. Do not be alarmed. It is a freewrite, and I am not going to think about those kinds of things. That is what makes it a freewrite.

I am resting on my back. I am in the "treating the underlying issues of my back" phase of my Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy. The last time I went in, I could report a zero on my pain level and had been at that level for 12 days straight with prior levels being low.

Then, I did my taxes on Saturday.

Sitting all day is NOT a good thing for anyone to do,  especially some one like me who has issues. Anyway, after that, we ran down to Wildcat Park for a picnic with Shayma's family and Ron and Bina. We ran, played basketball, climbed on the play structures, etc. I was feeling kinda' weird, but then I did my STRENGTH TRAINING on top of that.

Bad idea.

My doctor said, "I can appreciate that you are so active, Carol; but your back has certain issues, and it is best to go slow after a day of sitting and not stretching."

Lesson learned.

I was precarious from Saturday night to Wednesday morning. I tried a massage on Monday, but it made it worst. Doctor says the LMT's often treat symptoms rather than the underlying problem. The muscles never my shoulder blades were tight but were only compensating for my QL which was destabilized from all the sitting and exacerbated by all the activity immediately following.

The QL was the initial thing that got me in to see Dr. Myers in the first place. It has been MONTHS since that was an issue. 

BUT we are not back to square one. I am stronger, and my spine was not pulled out of line by this thing. That tells me that it is staying in place better these days.


So, I am putting the link to an article with stretches and strengthening for the QL and will add it to my routine that I started and have been doing so well on.

QL stands for Quadratus Lumborum, and I think it is a really cool name, but my brother-in-law, Paul, who is a D.O. like Dr. Myers says that he thinks that a bunch of doctors got together and named all these muscles when they were drunk. I think that is funny.

So, I am lying on my back resting while the sun shines outside, and I would really rather ride my bike to free lunch on campus because Ajand is going to be there, but I will see how I feel in a couple of hours when I need to leave. I could also take the bus, but I want to be cautious.

So, my overall body strength and conditioning (cardio) is doing well. I need to get back to stretching more though and not sitting too long! (Taxes are done, and that is a very good feeling.)

My diet has also been great with only a couple of pounds over my ideal weight. I have been eating more veggies, even having them with a bit of protein for dinner. Feelings very good in the eating department and delaying gratification now so I can eat a bunch of pastries when we go to Europe!  

Yes, going to Europe, and it makes me scared that I will not have anyone to fix me if I get out of line, but last time we went on a long vacation, I had no pain because I did not sit very much and walked all over the place. Usually I have no problems then. I wish I could walk today, but I will tomorrow.

Well, I have three more minutes until this freewrite is over, but I have done enough talking about wellness of body and need to get back to my quiet time of listening to the Lord. I slept in until 7:25 this morning and had to get my house ready for Valentina and Pieter (who was singing his thankfulness to the Lord last time he cleaned!) and then get out the door to my 8:30 doctor appointment. So, I need to Listen and Obey as He directs me every day!

Ta ta for now (TTFN) - spoken like a true TIGER personality type!
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