The Helper Enneagram

I laughed when I saw this "EnneaThought" for today! This is for the Type Two: Helper personality type! This is so me! Such a good reminder to "Let it Go." (Who knew a song from Frozen would be so good for me to sing to myself?) I am a people-pleaser. This is my drug of choice, but I am healthier now. I listen to God rather than my addiction. God tells me who to help and who to let go of. My heart breaks when I see people walk into walls or when I see people who are not flying to their fullest potential and functioning in their "sweet spot"! (So funny that Lisa told me I am functioning in that sweet spot when I spoke at NWH on Sunday.) 

I need to let God decide who is in my "Sphere of Influence" rather than investing in those in my "Sphere of Concern."  So healthy for me to listen to Him rather than please man.

I have so many in my "Sphere of Concern" but few in my "Sphere of Influence," and those in the SOI have to be ordained by God. I need to be proactive by listening to Him rather than being reactive and listen to man or thinking I need to help everyone around me!  

The Helper personality type is a two-edged sword; but in dependence upon God as I listen and obey, it is a mighty strength in His hands!

It is also interesting to note that the Type Two Helper coincides with the E/ISFJ personality type (and my tied or close to Type 9 Peacemaker also overlaps with ISFJ):

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