Stress-Free Freewrite

What were those stress points? I do not know because I am not stressed now!

I had a good day of prayer on Saturday. All the stress fell way, and I haven't really thought much about it.  God's will be done. 

Let me look back to see what they were . . . 

#1 Job uncertainty - George was offered the Hillsboro job at 2:15 pm today; but honestly, I had absolutely no stress about it anymore. He will also probably be offered a temporary/no benefits position at his old job.  Who knows what we will do? (God does, silly!) I walked the day before yesterday with excitement about what God has around the corner. I could see us going either way. Oh, and I am not in the least bit mad at his current employers anymore. Forgiveness is a wonderful thing! I did want him to get offered the Hillsboro job because I wanted him to be AFFIRMed after AFFIRMATIVE ACTION axed him out of getting the government job he was up for (Even though they asked him to apply, a woman applied, and they had to hire her, and now she doesn't even want to do what she was hired to do!)

#2 Dental care - We have a reprieve from going to Eugene until April 22, and it was nice to have the drive down and back last time with Michael for talking. I took a nice walk while he was in the office; and next time, his appointment is around lunch, and we can go to RED LOBSTER because there isn't one near here. We cannot do dental work with Paul yet. So, we will see what kind of dental insurance we have when he needs it. 

#3 Taxes - George got his information to me with much groveling. (He is so cute when he grovels.) Also the stress of #2 dental care has given us a BIG BREAK when it comes to taxes (By the way, the dental care is not just orthodontics, but it includes oral surgery of dental implants, prosthodontics, and dentures for a about $20,000. Thankfully it has been spread out over several years, but 2012 was the biggest year of expenses.) 

So, every hassle/stress has a silver lining. Part of me not wanting to do taxes was knowing that we usually owe! This year, it might not be the case with over $10,000 in medical and dental expenses for this year alone. WOOHOO!

The fear of starting was causing me more stress than starting so after time in Ephesians and a walk of pouring out my fears to God this morning, I took the plunge and spent a solid six hours. I had a long set back looking for some 1099-INT's. I couldn't find them because the investment places do not send them if they are under a certain amount! UGH!

Our taxes take a long time, and my labor was multiplied threefold in the dividend department when George's dad died (MY mom had all of her money in ONE account with ONE 1099. Not so with George's dad.)  George self-employment income also was not as big this year. So, overall, I think that our tax bill will be much better than last year. I just need to add up utility costs, mileage, medical expenses, volunteer miles, college expenses, and make a deposit to the Oregon College Savings Plan, and I will be done. I will do that tomorrow and maybe part of Saturday or wait until Monday. I am going to have plenty of time to get it all done! No need to stress!

#4 Needs Around Me - The day of prayer was so good. I just gave it all to him. I am so good in that department. :) People are hurting, but I do not need to absorb their stress. 

#5 Bible Book Club - I have had a BURST of writing since March 21, and I am up to Ephesians 1. I realize the Epistles are the easiest for me to write since I have studied them the most. I also have many posts but smaller chunks of Scripture to work with. NO STRESS and only joy in doing that. I even incorporated this into my day of prayer, and I was so blessed by it! 

#6 Jesus Community - Since I wrote this, one of the guys did suggest that they lead the MOP studies, and I heartily agree. So, we can be in and out of it. I think we are going to go to eating with our family before we come to JC too. I end up eating before we come anyway because 6:30 is really late for us to eat. 

#7 Friendships - Things have been less stressful for my friends. So, I am less stressed about them. 

#8 Possible Move - The person who was most verbal about us "not" leaving here prayed with me, and I think the person gets it. We have been very quiet about the erosion of our income because we are very frugal people, and it hasn't been stressful (I have driven less, walked more, eaten less, and lost weight - there are advantages to having less money!) and somewhat fun ("Dependence dates" are an adventure, and I like walking rather than going out anyway!). I do not know if this job will even mean an immediate move anyway. We just have to pray and wait on God's timing. 

I suppose it will be George's call on this. I am flex either way. I do not want him having to commute, but I see the advantages of him being with his mom more in these later years of her life. :) Thy will be done, Lord. 

Not stressed anymore!!!

(P.S. By the way, I also was reading two books at the same time, and I cleared them out of my way, and that was a big stress relief too! I am only reading one now, and it is an easy read!)

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