Monday Minutes Freewrite

I have not done one of these for a few days. I haven't written on Bible Book Club for a few days and need to get some writing in!

We went to the coast. Beautiful trip to Bandon with having to turn around less than 24 hours later to be with Teala while her brother was in the hospital again. I could not stay down there with her being alone. I don't think he will live much longer, and that makes me sad.

Today, I hope to go shopping, write 1 Corinthians 12, work out, straighten up things around here, cook a nice family meal of spaghetti since we have not sat down together for a few days, and read Institutes and Booked.

I need to look up when I am meeting with Jennifer next. 

My health is really good. I thought I was sick last Wednesday, but it was allergies! I had problems Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. I stayed home Sunday because my ears were so stuffed up I could barely hear anything.

My back is stellar lately. I have a couple of neck twinges, but it is nothing that I cannot work out. I am SO GRATEFUL that I 

1) Got Physical therapy for my back - never thought to do that, but it really does depend on the therapist. Logan was perfect and had worked with athletes before. 

2) Do daily back exercises

3) Got a good weight lifting/ core strategy - I have a plan from Logan and make sure I hit on those points if I decide to do a Fitness on Demand video at the gym or DVD at home. 

4) Lost weight - I am sure that contributed to the back difficulties.

5) Quit running - this really should be number one because it was hindering me from losing weight, getting my back totally in shape, etc. 

6) Made a rule for how much I am going to sit every day - cut back on my therapy appointments, get up every 25 minutes, only allow myself to write if I am at a certain weight, etc. 

7) Incorporate 2 & 3 into my stand up breaks from sitting.

I know I was going to write for 15 minutes, but I am tired at ten. 
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