Friday Freewrite

I am a little down right now. I think I am just exhausted from all the drama over the last couple of days. Not drama of my own making but other people's drama that I have chosen to be a part of to support those who are hurting.

I am sad, and I am sure that the drama reminds me of my brother's death. I am grieving that this afternoon. I do not have big "dips" in my mood any more, so this down feeling is pretty foreign to me. 

I think I am at the end of my intense writing phase. I took the last nine days and really cracked down hard, and I got a lot done. It is going to take a long time to finish it up, but I need to take breaks now and then, and I am ready for that break now. Need a time of refreshment.

So, I will do that tomorrow. I think I hear George coming in the truck. Maybe I am wrong. I am resting and watching the news right now.

I know that I is OK. Bye
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