Good Friday Fifteen Freewrite: State of the Well

It is good to reflect upon where I am and where I am going. I am typing away. No proofreading and probably many mistakes. Just sayin' if you are  reading this. 

The Well-Watered Soul/Well-Adjusted Heart

I always find that soul and heart really go more together. 

"Seek God for the City 2013" was so rich! I loved prayer walking all over my beloved Corvallis. Many people saw me and commented. Little did they know I was praying. There were a couple of times when I did not realize people were near me and probably thought I was crazy for praying out loud, but I do not care. Our city needs prayer, and I willingly gave it. I walked around city and county government buildings and offices, commercial centers, jails, youth centers, churches (God gave me a word for Calvary Chapel that was quite exciting!), major employers, the university, etc. It was fun and fulfilling! I finished on Palm Sunday.

I continue to "Walk for the World" with my Unreached People Prayer App. Love that too. Been doing it since last June, but I just got the app at the beginning of the year. Now I don't copy off pages from my computer to carry with me. I love the ease of it. 

Along with all of this, I have loved the last few weeks in the Word. It is not that I didn't like it before, but I love epistles. I really, really do. They are like coming home to an old and dear friend because I have studied them so much over the last 36 years of inductive study. Yes, I started this journey in July of 1977! I still have the first study I ever did on a piece of notebook paper. :) 

Anyway, I am in my favorite book and chapter: Ephesians 1. WOOHOO!  I hope to meditate and write this morning before continuing with my taxes.

Well-Educated Mind

I like this new list much better than last year's list! Those 100 Great Books were interesting. Some were lovely. Others were very YUCKY, and I did not like filling my mind with them, but I am doing "promiscuous reading" because Milton says I can (see post on Booked if you do not know what I am talking about)! Invitation to the Classics has a much more devotional bent to its list, and I love that (even though Calvin's Institutes was insanely long!).

Well-Tuned Strength of Body

Hallelujah. I have lost 28 pounds (Even though my BMI indicated I was only 6 pounds overweight in December, I am now in the "middle" of the BMI range instead of the top - at my height the range is 50 pounds.)! I feel so great. I am at the same weight I was at the start of my sophomore year of basketball (1978 - 19 years old) and want to be in the range of where I was at the end of the basketball season which is only a few pounds away. I will do that slowly since I feel great. This is definitely my "fighting" weight! YAY! It was not weight "loss" but weight "removal." "Good-Bye, you were the weakest link."

My back is doing awesome too! I have not had it go out since Valentine's Day! Only had two ribs out, and George popped them right back in for instant relief. YAY! I have a preventative massage with Doctor Koen today too! Those have really helped to keep my back in top condition! 

Which brings me to something I am contemplating. I think I might become a personal trainer. I already have a degree in Foods and Nutrition, am a former college athlete, 25 years of counseling experience, and I love to teach. What a great combination for helping people reach "Wellness" both physically and emotionally (because I think they are very intertwined!).

I have 10 seconds. Off to Ephesians! Energized for it! 

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