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Wednesday Freewrite

State of "The Well" this morning

Well-Watered Soul/Well-Adjusted Heart

Who would have thought that a slight change in the living room layout would be so great for my soul? We moved the BIG, oversize stereo system (phono, radio, tape player, and CD changer handed down from my dear-departed mother = FREE, but not space saving) from the corner between the couch and love seat (see near book case on left) to the other side of the couch (see right).  I got to wondering why we have had a drawer blocked by the loveseat all those years? Getting to our CD's and tapes was a big pain, literally. I would have to do a BIG BACK TWIST to get there.

So, we moved it, and it also freed up the speaker that was also hidden by the couch and love seat. We also spent a couple of bucks and got a long wire so that we could actually have TWO speakers in different parts of the room for STEREO sound! DUH! (What can I say? We have been busy for the last 10 years. I am no longer homeschooling, and I am four months ahead in my Bible Book Club writing. We are also in an "off" ministry year (sort of). With the extra time, I am going through every space in the house and rethinking things. My physical home is the focus this year. The kids and George are the biggest though, still.).

Anywho, now the stereo cabinet is fully accessible for me. I can get at CD's quickly, and I can also use the remote from my computer while I am writing because it is in a direct line with the stereo (I focused on that instead of the living room. Sorta' artsy eh?)!  Now, I write and can tune into worship music when the mood strikes me! :) I am listening to a CD made by the amateur son of a lady at my church. She handed them out for free at the last women's conference, and I had never listened to it (lost in that blocked drawer), and I love it. When something gets too rocky for me, I can even turn down the volume down from my computer or even skip the song!

For my breaks from writing, I have been dancing around the living room because the other great thing is that that chair on the left used to be right in line with the candle stick on the table and blocked my dancing worship space! I have so much more room to float throughout the room.

I am so weird.

Well-Tuned Strength

I have lost 6 pounds! Woohoo! I am lifting twice a week, doing back exercises daily, burning lots of calories and doing great. I am doing FACED accountability with the group I started about eight years ago and had died! Anyone else want to join in for 2013? It is so fun. :)

I changed my gym situation for 1/3 the price and a closer walk! I also have "on demand" fitness classes that fit in with my schedule. I hated that all the classes were in the morning at the club. Those are my prime writing hours. The other classes were in the late afternoon and are my prime family dinner cooking and eating hours.

I am also burning lots of calories PUTTERING around my house getting those drawers/cabinets/closets/pantries decluttered and organized. I am a MACHINE in 2013!

Also, did I mention I burn calories dancing in my living room?  (Maybe that will be my next picture.)

Well-Educated Mind

I just finished Les Mis (see my review below) and a Ray Bradbury. Didn't really care for the Bradbury. I am now listening to Pascal's Pensees. OH MY WORD! PROFOUND. Should be put in the "Well-Watered Soul" category. Just finished the part about the "Wager" that I have heard about for years. Amazing.

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