My Current Program Yields 10 Pound Loss!

Don't pay attention to the second column at the bottom under "Daily Averages of Nutrients for Logged Meals" and the black line across the nutrients. Those are based on default percentage averages for Protein/Carbs/Fat that I forgot to change when I set up the program (15% Fat is TOO LOW!).  Plus they don't even add up to 100% (Fat 15 + Carb 69 + Pro 21 = 105%!). I am not sure why BodyBugg sets up these averages as their defaults because the Fat is below the US RDI's! 

Here are my percentage averages compared to my RDI's:

Percentage averages:
Pro: 18 (RDI 10-35%)
Carbs: 53 (RDI 45-65%)
Fat: 29 (RDI 20-35%)
Sat Fat: 8.9% (RDI < or = 10)

Calcium: 2159 (RDI 1200 but my doctor said 2000)
Fiber: 27 (RDI 21)
Cholesterol: 174 (RDI < or = 300)
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