Tuesday Ten Freewrite

Well-Watered Soul

I am loving my PIM walks. (If someone can come up with a better acronym, I am totally amenable about changing this. Maybe I should have a contest?)

P = Praise - usually putting on my shoes once the sun comes up, and I need to get up from my early morning writing. I usually just walk around the block.

I = Intercession -  Usually done some time during the day, I pray for my Unreached People Group with this COOL app (see http://www.joshuaproject.net/ for app for iPhone or Android). This is a boon to my existence because I would often send my emails to my iPod or print them off so I could walk and pray. Now they are DOWNLOADED on my iPhone for access whenever and where ever!) I also pray for the people in my life and sometimes I pray with the person I am meeting with that day (going to incorporate walks into my discipleship and life coaching/counseling).

M = Me - personal supplication for me! Sometimes I incorporate this at the end of my "I" time or take a later afternoon/early evening walk. 

I am also back into Acts and enjoying studying Acts 13 right now. 

Well-Educated Mind 

Pensees by Pascal rocked! I have the review below. 

Well-Adjusted Heart 

I could not be more at peace with all men. I talked to a woman last night who wants to get more peacemaker training, and I referred her to Carey, but I realize part of our ministry is helping people with their conflicts. I also help people talk through their transition in churches. That is a hard time and hard to have a "well-adjusted heart" in the midst of it!

Well-Tuned Strength

I am 8.6 pounds down! I am lifting by doing calorie burning weight lifting and lots of cardio. I am almost FREE of back pain. I have more non-pain days than weird pain days. I learn that I cannot sit for too long. That is the thing that contributes to how much pain I have. It mean sometimes writing in my Tempur-pedic in the afternoons. That mattress always adjusts my back!

Experimented with a low-carb diet yesterday and lost a POUND in one day due to WATER weight. You do lose weight on these low-carb things because the menus are ridiculously calorie deficient (1000 calories for the 17 Day Diet). Just experimenting and NOT condoning them. 

Timed this perfectly. The timer is going off RIGHT NOW!! YAY! To writing we go. 
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