The Good News on My Overeating

I have some historical data on my overeating because of the bodybugg accuracy and my weight measurements since April 2008.

I have always said that I overeat 125-250 calories a day, and if I just took 1-2 walks around the block, I would be golden and continue to eat!

Well, NOW, I am only overeating 80-100 calories a day. That isn't even a whole walk around the block!

So that is reason to celebrate.

Historical Data:

7-12/2008 overate 244 calories a day

Part of this was I was at a very low weight, and the lower your weight the harder you have to  work to burn calories. 

2-4/2009 overate 420 calories a day

Much of that was winter, and I wasn't a winter walker a few years ago, but now I just bring my umbrella and GO rain or shine. NEW MINDSET!  Also, I was knee deep BUSY and sitting a LOT because of prep work involved with American Literature class, homeschooling, writing many hours for the Bible Book Club. It was VERY sedentary other than my regular workouts at the club (always have been consistent with that). I also wonder what was going on emotionally in my life at the time. I will have to investigate my journals.

Addition: I looked at some journal entries, and I was just super BUSY with sedentary stuff. I was spending 20-30 hours writing for the Bible Book Club (and the second year prophets posts took me the longest to write), 10-20 hours with the American Literature class prep and teaching, correcting for the Perspective course, processing many pictures at my computer for Carol365, and reading the Well-Educated Mind books. These were all SITTING activities! (And I would often reach for the marshmallows and chocolate chips in the pantry right next to my computer work area. Bad girl!)

My life was changed on April 23, 2009 when I got my Kindle and realized the beauty of walking and working around the house while listening to text to speech!! LOL! Also, it was before I discovered the Library2Go audiobooks! (I wonder when they came into being?) That has been another thing that has really helped me! 

6/2009 - 2/2010 overate 236 calorie a day

Even though it did not go down that much during this period. This is so encouraging because between 11/14/2009 - 2/2010 I wasn't able to exercise due to my tendon being cut in half on my big toe and subsequent back blow out because of the boot that I was in. I could barely sit up, let alone walk and exercise! So, my calories were REALLY low (and people were bringing me meals). So, this shows more of a downward trend and self-control than is reflected here.

I didn't weigh myself very much until this year. But I wouldn't be surprised if it were the same 80-100 calories a day like below. That 5-10 pounds slowly creeps back at about .8-1 pound per month. 

This year the data shows a marked improvement in how much I overeat:

7-8/2012 overate 80 calories a day

This included a big vacation with lots of eating, but we also walked a lot. Lightbulb moment for us. Walking is a great way to burn calories!

8-12/2012 overate 102 calories a day

Even though I am still overeating, I am overeating much less and moving much more. I am not as sedentary in the "in-between" workout times. Now I can take one walk around the block and eat as much as I had been.  

Now that my back is so much better, and I quit running, I expect that I will be much better at maintenance in the future! 

I am encouraged. I am improving and getting better at estimating my calories burned versus calories consumed. :)

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