4. Pocket Your Dollars by Carrie Rocha

This is a wonderfully solid book that gets to the underlying reasons why we spend money. Rocha and her husband were $50,000 in debt and set out to understand why they were that way. The set out purposefully to manage their money and pay down their debt.

This book was perfectly timed for our family as my husband recently was cut back in hours, and we are living on 75% of what we had before. While I have never had the debt issues that Rocha and her husband had (we don't even have a home mortgage), I did want to put aside money for our upcoming anniversary trip, and Carrie gave me the motivation and helpful advice for doing it. 

I picked up many tips (Did you know that gas is cheaper on Tuesday? I never did, but I have checked for the last two weeks; and the prices really do dip on that day!). This will be a valuable, easy-to-read addition to the books on gaining a financial foothold in difficult times. 

The publisher sent me a copy of the pre-published book in exchange for an unbiased review. 
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