Fasting Freewrite Reflections

I think this has been good. All the area churches are fasting this week in some form or another. George and I decided to go for the whole thing. Just water and tea for the week. I am 47 hours into it, and my stomach is starting to really growl for the first time. Yesterday was so FULL of people that I didn't even think about it. Today, I think there was attack. I am praying for unreached people, and I went from peace and excitement on my walk to panic as I got a text that our checking account was a ZERO!  Long story short, George and I miscommunicated on what account some money was to go in, and the withdrawl for the thing happened, and the money was sitting happily in the other account instead of the one it was supposed to be in. 

I went from peace and joy to panic and anger in seconds. At first we thought someone had tampered, but it really was just miscommunication. So, the whole thing was easily resolved with a transfer to our checking.  Now, my sweet son is going to pick up my library holds and Paul from the bus stop, and they are going to both go to workout. So, I have quietness and prayer space. 

Pressing in on that score doesn't make the enemy happy.

I am lying down a bit exhausted from the ordeal, and the busy last few days we have had. So, I lay here, and the best use of my time is just to go back to praying like I was praying before the financial interruption, and the enemy will just have to deal with it.

Perfect peace restored once again.
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