2012 Movies, Documentaries, and Series

1. War Horse (lovely!)
2. Northanger Abbey
3. Sense and Sensibility (Thompson/Winslet version)
4. Pride and Prejudice (Knightly version)
5. Much Ado About Nothing (DELIGHTFUL)
6. The Iron Lady
7. David Copperfield (Maggie Smith version)
8. Downton Abbey: Season 2
9. Up in the Air (Edited with ClearPlay)
10. The Jane Austen Book Club (ClearPlay)
11, HUGO (GORGEOUS! See it!)
12. The Artist (sweet)
13. Oliver Twist (2007 BBC series)
14. The Descendants
15. Salmon Fishing on the Yemen
16. Ethan Frome
17. The Hunger Games
18. Kiss Me, Kate
19. Great Expectations (GIVE Gillian the Emmy!)
20. Midnight in Paris
21. Blue Like Jazz
22. The Blindside (TV rewatch)
23. On the Town (cute and clean)
24. Mildred Pierce (racy in parts - ClearPlay it)
25. Mirror, Mirror
26. What a Girl Wants
27. Dark Shadows (YUCK!)
28. Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (A bit too bawdy)
29. Downton Abbey I
30. Downton Abbey 2
31. Revolutionary Road (ClearPlay takes out yuck)
32. Daniel Deronda (mini-series)
33. For Whom the Bell Tolls (Cooper and Bergman)
34. The Sun Also Rises (sort of slow)
35. Slumdog Millionaire (loved it more)
36. Good Night, and Good Luck (brilliant)
37. Persuasion (newer BBC - liked better this time)
38. The Hunt for Red October (how did I miss this?)
39. Tess of the D'Urbervilles (Racy part that was not on PBS version!)
40. Emma (Romola G. and Johnny Lee Miller version)
41. Jude the Obscure
42. The Way We Live Now (why had I never heard of this?)
43. He Knew He Was Right
44. The Glass Menagerie
45. The Pallisers (Episodes 1-8)
46. Christy (Episodes 1-6)
47. The Pallisers (Episodes 9-26)
48. Christy (Episodes 7-end)
49. Anne of Green Gables Trilogy
50. Downton Abbey I & II
51. Sons and Lovers (YUK)
52. The Color Purple (on Clearplay)
53. The Kennedys
54. A Separation (Oscar for Foreign Film, excellent)
55. The Family Stone
56. Upstairs, Downstairs Series 1
57. The Joy Luck Club (Clearplay)
58. When Was the Last Time You Saw Your Father? (Clearplay)
59. 3 Idiots (Hilarious Indian movie, no Clearplay though)
60. A Farewell to Arms
61. Dr. No (Clearplay)
62. Argo
63. Downton Abbey Series 3
64. Upstairs Downstairs Series 2 (WOW!)
65. Middlemarch (rewatch of 1994 series)
66. The Christmas Carol (Jim Carrey version)
67. Goldfinger (Clearplayed)
69. The Hiding Place
70. Lincoln
71. Gilmore Girls Season 1
72. Life of Pi
73. Gilmore Girls Season 2
74. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
75. The Hobbit
76. It's a Wonderful Life
77. Les Miserables

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