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State of "The Well" Freewrite

I haven't done one of these for a while. I haven't written for a few days either. So much has happened.

Well-Watered Soul

The state of my soul is good. I feel like I want to soak deeply today in Isaiah 9, "The people walking in darkness have seen a great light." I want to blast that song from Messiah this morning, but I don't want to wake the whole house up. The sun is coming up, and the light is coming into the house. I love that Jesus came to bring light into our dark, dark world, and I believe it with my heart and soul. 

I am also reading in (I just had a 50 minute Skype chat with Julie B. So I must restart the timer. LOL!) different New Testament verses about the incarnation of Jesus. It goes along so well with Jesus being the "light that dawned" for those in darkness! 

I have loved the interaction of the Old and New Testament I have had with doing the Bible Book Club AND the stuff for our Kingdom Community. 

We are still praying about inviting those to join our Kingdom Community with a missional purpose. Looking outward as our life together in the Kingdom flows out into the lives of all we touch. I like that!  Lord, give us words to communicate that.

I have a full and free day today and I want to pray as a friend, Glenn Ginder, died of a massive heart attack on Tuesday. He was one of our friends when we lived in Malaysia. 

Well-Educated Mind

I took a little break from depressing, tragic 20th Century novels to read some other stuff, but I am back and am listening to Hemingway's For Whom the Bells Toll. I told George that I love his writing, and I know that he does too, but he said, "Just wait. It will get depressing too." 

Oh joy. LOL!

(OK, this is attempt #3 at writing this freewrite because I decided to go to Pilates. LOVED it. I am freeeeeee of pain! Felt awesome).

I listened to Hemingway as I rode to Pilates and did dinner prep. I like it so far. Could anything be more weird than Steppenwolf? We will see.

I am also reading Bruchko for Kingdom Community. SO, that should be fun for a change. NEVER read it before, and I can't believe it!

Now that I am no longer tied to the Book Babes reading, (I needed to free myself from the obligation by dropping out.) I hope to read more of books I really like. I haven't been really wild about most of the reading except Unbroken that I loved. The rest have been so-so. I love the William Wilberforce but no one else in the group did. So, I realize I have REALLY different tastes from the rest of the women and am more polite about reading and commenting on those books than they were polite about my book: SLAUGHTERED IT! OUCH! Not a lot of tact by a few of the people, but I can see why. They aren't my closer friends in the group. Those friends were tactful even though they didn't like it. :)

Well-Adjusted Heart

I'm so good now. I made a decision to leave the Book Babes which was heavy on my heart. It just wasn't a healthy or good fit for me anymore, and Kim said, "If you are struggling five days after the meeting is over, then maybe it is time to move on."  I thought that was a good thought. I don't have the mental energy to struggle with negativity that is elective. We have enough negativity that is not elective. Book club should be fun not frustrating!  So, I am out of there!

My heart is sad over the death of Glenn, but I had such an awesome talk with Julie H. via Skype because of it. It was really good. She is interested in learning more about Listening Prayer, and I think it would be so helpful where she is.

Emotionally I am doing really well. I still can't figure out what was wrong on Spring Break. So strange for me to be so unevenly keeled! 

Well-Tuned Strength

I was in pain from lifting something for Heba on Tuesday. I had to go to the Chiropractor, and it made me realize that I really can't do a trip like Washington, D.C. without George to do my heavy lifting. Mexico was a stretch, and I paid for it afterward. So, I needed to tell Heba that it wasn't going to work. I feel horrible, but we are also going to go to the East Coast as a family now. So, I think that will be better. 

I have been going to Pilates more consistently, and walks have been my cardio of choice over running or biking. That should change with better weather. I don't want to run until my core is EXTRA strong, and it is about medium now. So, I am trying to make at least two Pilates classes a week and three would be even better.

Still working on my eating. I am just four pounds overweight, but I don't like it!!!!!

Well, this has probably equaled at least 15 minutes with all the stops and starts. I look forward to a very quiet day as Teala can't get together for lunch and the boys will be out of house until at least 2:30. I am looking forward to the quiet and rest. Will walk though. 
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