Mother's Day Freewrite Fifteen

"This person realized that their pity party affects other people, and she didn't like it."

I spent a lot of time with a complainer a while ago, and it has affected me for quite a while. Why am I so sensitive to this type of thing? When I attempted to speak truth that they didn't want to hear, she complained about ME. UGH. I must disengaged. I am so sad about that. So hard when you truly care, but it is difficult when people just want to stay stuck in their stuff.

I had some pain in the early morning. I would have preferred to sleep in, but it looks like I am not going to have that option as it is better for me to sit or stand up to relieve the pain. This happens to me every once in a while.

Yesterday was totally lovely because I did no work AT ALL. Well, George corrected me when I told him how wonderful it was to not work all day. I said, "What do you mean? What work did I do?"  His reply, "Marriage retreat devotional, Carol."  OH I forgot. I got up at 4:45 am and worked until 10:15 am on the marriage retreat devotional. LOL! Well, once my mother-in-law came, I didn't work!

We visited in the living room. Then we drove to the Farmer's Market and saw Nessa and Pete holding hands! I was shocked. I went to hug Nessa, and I said, "We must talk!"  I turned around to have Peet say, "Carol, remember when you asked me a few months ago if I liked anyone. Well, I really didn't then."  LOL! I love it. Apparently, it was a very new relationship.  They have known each other since they were in their mother's wombs!

We had a lovely day at the Market. The sun was out. The produce was spectacular. Lots of flowers and samples and music and people. I LOVE CORVALLIS!

After this we drove to the campus. The rhododendrons were in FULL bloom. We could not have picked a better time. We try to do this on a yearly basis with George's mom, and they always bloom around Mother's Day. So, it is nice to combine the two. (I may add some pictures later, but this is a freewrite after all)

When we were walking I heard some music, and there was a FULL ON Mexican Fiesta with free FOOD! So, instead of spending money on an expensive lunch we ate there and watched a full show with singing and dancing. It was delightful (pictures maybe later).

Then, we continued looking at flowers and went to Applebee's for dessert. Then, Teala met us for the movie Mirror, Mirror at the Carmike. Teala and I both had very WEAK weeks (hey that sounds funny). So, we couldn't be there for the other. So, she said on Friday, "I just want to go somewhere where I can laugh." So, this was our solution. My mother in law loves Teala. So, it was very nice. I don't think MIL liked the movie a whole lot, and it was very slow in parts, but it was also very funny. The acting was also very good. So, I liked it.

After that, we came home. MIL and DH had some coffee, and we talked. Then, she drove home, and I did a bit of stuff. Then we watched that funny BBC comedy on PBS called Outnumbered (best kid actors I have ever seen). Then, we watched What a Girl Wants with Colin Firth and Amanda Bynes. Nothing like seeing "Mr. Dashwood" dance in leather pants to top off a perfect day.

Well, I better go. The timer went off a while ago, but I got distracted by BBC Africa and forgot I was doing a freewrite. I am doing better every day.

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