Sad to Glad

Sad that Maurice Sendak died. Sorta' sad in general today, but counting blessings. 

Sad to glad:

Glad that George Weaver noticed we were almost out of milk and gas. 
Glad he went to get both.

Glad he made me chai tea and brought it to me all before he went to work.

Glad that my "little sis" Joann Linder is turning 50 and is counting down the 30 days.

Glad that this reminded me of my own 50 countdown: with warm and wonderful friends.

Glad that we finally decided our general itinerary for our east coast trip.

Glad that my kids wake up nice rather than grumpy.

Glad that I have some time this morning to write (which has not been possible and needs to be a part of my everyday life like breathing).

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