Wednesday Freewrite

Warming up my fingers for 15 minutes again. It always seems to help me write later.

I am making the switch back to the Old Testament as I am up to March 4 on the Gospel Harmony Book Club. Luke 10 took me 1 1/2 days to write, and I was already feeling puny (Didn't know this was a Southern word until Lisa O. pointed it out to me on Facebook today. Wonder how it got into my vernacular as a child? Southern Cal?). I also felt some attack from the enemy! It figures because Luke 10 is such a key chapter. I hadn't realized it until I dug deep into it.

I am sorry that I had to cancel on two people yesterday because of my puniness (love that word). One is going through a really tough time but also very busy. So, I really can't risk her getting sick. Plus, her stuff is pretty intense, and I am not all there mentally. The other was a long needed catch up because we haven't met since before we went to Hawaii. We started catching up on Sunday afternoon though. So, hopefully, we can meet tomorrow night. I find it best to nip these colds in the bud before they go full-born. Then, the duration is much shorter. I am even skipping Pilates that starts in 5 minutes, but I must remember to do my "band" and "roller" work that I skipped yesterday because I felt so lousy.

Back to Luke 10. I called in prayer reinforcements on that one and was able to write it with ease after that. I think it was the enemy. Look it up. Luke 10 talks about us being ambassadors, neighbors, and worshiper. That is the essence of what following Jesus is all about! Powerful time yesterday despite the puniness. (I also like the word "oogley" that was given to me by Kim A.)

On a happier note, I got in bed very early last night due to my sickness and canceling with my friend, and I read David Copperfield straight through for three hours! It is much quicker to read than listen to it, but often I listen to it at times I would not be able to read AND cook or clean or walk or run or lift weights. So, I like being able to combine the two, and the Kindle makes that easy as I just search for the word that is on the narration and jump to it and read for a while. The transition BACK to the narration isn't quite as smooth (I hope someday they start having chapter marks in MP3 recordings, but I suspect this is because this was a CD converted to an MP3), but I think I have it down now, and it works almost flawlessly. For example, I see I am at 77% on my Kindle, and I multiply .77 by the number of "tracks" on my iPod. In this case it is 32. That makes it 24.64. So, I got to track 25 and I can even multiply .64 x the number of minutes on the track and even get it very close to the exact minutes where I am in the narration! I am such a nerd!!!!!

All that to say that it has been DELIGHTFUL to be immersed in Dickens (even though this is a very LONG book and could have used some editing, his bunny trails are fascinating to me)!  He is so clever and comedic even in the midst of tragedy. So much better than those awful American tragedies from the Realism/Naturalism genre!  It is nice to see the evil people gone and the good (or trying to be good) met with compassion and love and forgiveness. YAY! And URIAH HEEP IS A CREEP! Just sayin'.

Well, I think I have 50 seconds or so to go. So there is no proofreading so my there might be their, but I really do know the difference!

LOL! I am back to work now!

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