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Still Peace Freewrite

The counter ticks from 15 minutes, but I will type slowly and deliberately today. It is early morning, and the house is ever so quiet. I love it when I can wake up early enough to have this space all to myself for what seems like an eternity. I use this for my time of meditation and writing and reading. Today the reading was Henry IV, Part 1 as I made my chai tea. 

My sleep was fitful owing to the tough strengthening workout from Shandra. She helped me before I went surfing so I would not injure myself, and I had one more session left. Here it is almost four months later, and I finally did it. I asked her for a weight work out, but she gave me a strengthening one that is time consuming, but it is effective. I am sore (but not too sore) and could feel it coming on even last night as I drifted off to sleep.

My dream was a big group and going to places for showers and having to wait for privacy. I finally realized I could wake up and go to the bathroom all by myself. LOL! We had a mission in that group. My dorm room was full of people. I could not even get in there to get my towel. George and I passed in the night as the men and women were separated. Nice to awaken to his sleep beside me and not set apart because of some group goal. 

Today, I must go to Pilates to stretch out the soreness. Then, I am working on Romans as I decided to write as I go along in the study with Kim and Rachel. I will also prepare for people tonight. 

The state of "The Well":

Well-Watered Soul

I am almost done with The Gospel Harmony Book Club posts. I am in the middle of Holy Week which puts me more than a month ahead. I have LOVED combining my Old Testament with Jesus! I am also loving giving notes about Romans as I study it with Kim and Rachel. That is a very good thing!

Well-Educated Mind 

Reading lots of shorter works, mostly by audiobook and following along if my hands are free. I think I have 35 more books on the "Great Books" List.

Well-Adjusted Heart 

Fabulous. Wanting to see others free from bitterness though. "Resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for it to kill your enemy." spoken by Nelson Mandela. I so agree. No poison these days for me. Free, forgiven, and forgiving.

Well-Tuned Strength

Pilates reentry was easy. So, this newest group of exercises from Shandra will really challenge me. I will do them. Some I need to be cautious because of my shoulder. Like the bicep lift may need a lighter weight. 

Cardio is good. Eating was good last night! Giving up ice cream for Lent has helped in that cause since I usually start craving it at about 9 pm at night. Last night, I just had a bit of chocolate and went to bed early. :)

Well, I have 1:08. So, I will sign off for now. I have a lot of writing before I go to Pilates in about an hour!
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