Sunday Morning 15

I have done this everyday but Tuesday! I have never had so many freewrites in one week, but they really do help me warm up to my morning writing routine. I have put a lot of hours into my book this week, and it is quite rewarding. I don't know what I am going to do with myself when I am done with the Gospel Harmony Book Club posts in the next month! Ha! I have much to do, and I have many rewrites and editing ahead of me on that score. I just wanted to get it out as I went through it with my Kingdom Community, and that is what I did (with few people viewing what I am sure are many typos and errors!). 

I am feeling better, but George is down with the same thing that I had from Sunday night to Friday morning! It helps to know it wasn't all in my imagination. It is the strangest little bug that doesn't really amount to anything major, but it just runs you down and has you stop. Thankfully, I did, and all was well with the people that I had to postpone meeting with. So, it is good.

This next week has this: 

Writing:  for Bible Book Club (2 Chronicles/1 Kings) and Gospel Harmony Book Club (Jesus is headed toward Jerusalem at this point. I have 52 out of 250 events left to cover. Wow! I really am close to being done on this, but the events of the crucifixion require more intensity as they are written in all four accounts. That always takes more time to back them up with the individual chapters for the 2013 "straight through" gospel reading that will run tandem with the chronological things. It is hard for me to know when to stop as the chapters overlap each other as I stop one and start another in the same event. It is fun though. I love walking with Jesus through these pages. I am growing.

Appointments and Women: Heather wants an evening meeting for some life coaching. Another girl wants some time for some emotional issues. Abi needs the gifts and personality type stuff for her Monday Jesus Community. Lots of time praying with Teala tonight during our annual get together. 

Bible Study: Romans 2 with Kim and Rachel (overlapping with writing Romans 1 for the BBC)

Prayer: 2-3 today on campus

Paul: He will no doubt need some encouragement to get that 8-10 page paper started and not to wait until the last minute.

Kingdom Community: I already did the prep work for this! I need to order the Simpson book and begin John 18 (overlapping with writing for the GHBC). Pick up Indo Night tickets

Photos: I have taken a month off, and I need to put my nose to the grindstone and get back to the completion of my only TRUE goal for the year: FINISH THOSE PHOTO BOOKS!

Sunday: Chicken Enchiladas
Monday: Roast
Tuesday: Leftovers 
Wednesday: Kingdom Community (Micah is cooking)
Thursday: Old Settler's with Cornbread
Friday: Fish 

That was 15 minutes. Sort of boring

Well-Educated Mind: The Tempest, Henry IV: Part 1.

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