Monday Morning Freewrite

I am setting the timer and going at it before I start my "real" writing for the day.

15 minutes and ready go!

I think I will give "The Well" update . . .

The Well-Educated Mind: Well, of course, the real list is completed, and I am immensely satisfied in the result. I don't think I am necessarily "Well-Educated," but I know so much more than when I first began. I am thankful. I have to say that this new list I am tackling, The 100 Great Books, is a cinch comparatively! I love that it is all fiction. I find them very easy to get through and understand. Many of them are plays that I can read/listen to in an afternoon. So, this is lovely.

I still have it in my mind to do an annotated bibliography of the 158 books that I read in The Well-Educated Mind and maybe even find a separate website for that subject. I want to be able to share what I learned with others who are on the same journey. It is exciting for me.

I am also loving learning about the time period before and after World War I from watching Downton Abbey! That is my new guilty pleasure that is going to be dormant until next January when it comes back again.

The Well-Tuned Body Strength: My shoulder and bicipital tendonitis is almost 100%. I did up/down planks in Pilates today with relatively little pain. It is all about placing your shoulder blades in place before attempting the strength move. My back is also enjoying pain-free days. I am doing more preventative things like moist heat with the slightest hint of tightness. I am also stretching throughout the day and making sure I get up every 15 minutes from my work at my desk. All in all, I am thrilled to be almost back to my fitness before my toe tendon severing of November 2009!

I am still feeling somewhat of a glutton. I had gotten down to five pounds below my goal weight, but I think I gained it all back and then some in Hawaii. Still find that a daily struggle. It is easy for me to exercise, but it is not easy for me to say no to the temptations of scrumptious food!

The Well-Watered Soul: I LOVE the new project of studying and writing the Life of Christ chronologically in the Gospel Harmony Book Club! It is also good to do this in tandem with the Year Two Old Testament of the Bible Book Club (almost at 100,000 page views!). It helps me to set my sight on Jesus as I trudge through Israel's rebellion! Whew. It is not an academic exercise for me. It is a spiritual experience that I will never regret though it takes hours and hours and hours of my time. God has carved it out for me to do it. I am convinced of that.

I love more prayer lately. I like to pray as I write and pray as I "go" along the way.  So, it has been lovely.

The Well-Adjusted Heart: I am happy. I am not prone to depression anyway, but I have few grumpy days, and if I start out a bit so, it seems to lift quickly as I pray through it and discover what is the lie behind my thinking. I had a little lie as I chatted with Brendon Coyle on the PBS Masterpiece site. None of my questions were going through, and I was getting a bit grumpy until I prayed and God said that I am important and that my questions getting through didn't matter, just enjoy and don't think you are being rejected. So, I enjoyed other people's questions instead of feeling slighted that mine were not being answered. There is nothing wrong with me or my questions!  So, there. I matter to God, and I don't know that Downton Abbey matters much to Him in the whole scheme of things. LOL!

Well, it is going to ring right NOW!

Bye, no proofread. Just hit "Publish"

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