Thursday Freewrite

This is starting to be a more regular thing to do. It really helps me to get whatever is on my mind (on my plate) down. I used to have that in my journal, an "on my heart" time, and I loved that, but it seems my journaling is more here as of late. Maybe when I am done with the Bible Book Club/Gospel Harmony Book Club, I will be doing more physical writing, but this is more convenient at present.

I have been under the weather for three days now. Yesterday, I was good from 11-7, and I was able to write five posts and finish David Copperfield by 5 pm, but I faded in the middle of Kingdom Community last night. I feel better this morning than I did yesterday. So, I am on the upswing and am even going to attempt to walk to campus to have lunch with Heba at 1 pm. The other two mornings, I was going to meet with her, but I usually don't start feeling better until about 11 am. So, I scheduled our time for the afternoon. I know she meets with George at 3:30. So, I can walk back and rest before I meet with Kathleen at 7 pm. That may be too much for me, but I have all day Friday no appointments (except writing).

I have been asked to talk about forgiveness at a seminar on Saturday, and I need to pray and really see if the Lord has something for me there. I feel like this is not the year for public speaking, and I have turned down several requests lately. I feel like my plate is full with these projects that I have put on hold, and when I saw that my appointments were less with the exit of two people I met with regularly (to India and Southern California), I really put my hand to the plow on neglected projects. I am sure He will let me know. No word yet, but He always makes it clear, and I am less inclined to worry about disappointing people these days.

Writing on Luke 10 this week (sending out the 72) was so perfectly timed for our readings for Kingdom Community. George and I are all abuzz about the possibilities of him using up all his contract money in a nine month period and heading out for three months to apply the principles!  His boss is so open to anything. It is just money in an account, and when it is out, it is out. He can even work remotely part time while out and about. So, we are excited about those possibilities, and just praying about it now. :)  I am up for anything!

The kids are doing really well. They both work really hard at their studies, and they both get a "D" for Diligence as I always said when they were younger. They are really disciplined boys, and I almost wish they would have a little more fun in the process!  Paul keeps saying that he can't wait until June though. He is so much like me, probably studies more than he really needs to!  They are both so delightful to be around. It is such a privilege to be their mom.

Kathleen is going to Hawaii with Angie and her parents, and she asked me to go along. There is a condo, and I would just need to pay for food and a plane ticket. Oh my. That would be so fun, but I think two times in Hawaii for the Winter would be TOO much. LOL!

Well, the timer is at 45 seconds, and I think I am ready to dive into Luke 14 now. LOVE LUKE! But I pretty much just love the Bible.

Oh, by the way, I finished David Copperfield, and a review is coming!!
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