Saturday Morning Freewrite

I'm setting the timer for this. Fifteen minutes will do. Then, I am getting some writing in, bake a Bonnie Butter Cake and go to Book Babes at 8 am

I woke up at 4 am with a hot flash. Sometimes when it is that late in the sleep cycle, I can't seem to go back to sleep. So, I got up at 4:30, made some chai tea as I listened to David Copperfield, set the butter to softening for the Bonnie Butter Cake (LOL! Bonnie Butter and Book Babes before breakfast - love alliterations), checked responses to the Downton Abbey finale post on Facebook, and read John 14. I love the Upper Room Discourse.

Now, I am warming up my fingers before I write about John 14. 

I love to write. I was around a lot of writers for many years, and I always felt that they made it clear that they were writers, and I was not. Just as when we got into photography, and some took on the air of being the experts in critiquing other's photos because they had evolved into photographers, and some had not. Who defines that? (I am a photo journalist and not an artsy photographer - their pictures are artistic but didn't tell me a story ,and that left me flat. Plus photoshop always made their photos fake looking to me)

So, I still write everyday and take pictures everyday, and I still don't feel like I am a writer or a photographer; but I had a problem even saying that I was an athlete even though I was a college basketball player (and a pretty good one at that).  What is that about me?  I have learned to force myself to communicate that I am a writer now because people don't believe that I "work."  I also do counseling, and I just go ahead now and tell people that I do counseling even though I don't do it in the traditional way with a sign and a business card.

What defines a title? Is it when we make money for doing what we do?  I just feel like I get up everyday and work to the best of my ability. Sometimes I put in a 13 hour day writing. Thursdays, I counseled with one person for four hours. Really the only day I even "goof off" is Friday afternoon into Saturday. Friday afternoon seems to be the only day where I really give myself total permission to do frivolous things! Most of the time it involves going on a history bent, like the time I researched all the background history behind The Count of Monte Cristo before my book club the next day (what a nerd!).

Yesterday, my goofing off consisted of researching and writing about all the non-Shakesperean tragedies I read. That was fun, but it was very time consuming.

I am supposed to keep on writing in a freewrite even though I desperately want to proofread this before hitting the "publish" button. 

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