Valentine's Day Freewrite

I stayed up and read my book a little bit longer last night so I could wait until the pea soup in the crock pot was done (put it on high to be done by about 11:55 pm. I turned out my light for "just a few minutes," and I was out like a light. I woke up at 3 am to the smell of the pea soup and realized that I hadn't put it away.

So, I got up, and then I couldn't fall back asleep again. So, I got up at 4 am and worked a bit on Bible Book Club and Gospel Harmony Book Club. I also listened to David Copperfield a bit.

I love this book, but it is VERY long. I loved the "short Shakespeares" that I read over the vacation. That and finishing up Tom Sawyer on the plane, the Hawaii history book while there, The Awakening, , Billy Budd (plane back)Daisy Miller (partially on the plane back)The Call of the Wild, and Ethan Frome. It was nice to read "a book a day" for the first 11 days of February, but I realize that at the rate I am going, David Copperfield will take me at least that long to complete!  But alas, it is also quite refreshing to read a book that I know will end happily rather than tragically like all the other ones (excepting Tom Sawyer)!

I am also processing my pictures from Hawaii. I can't get over the Pearl Harbor ones. I am crying through them. I cry even writing this. I hope I never stop crying about it. It is hard because we also took two lovely hikes that day (complete with locals jumping off cliffs), went to Tantalus Drive with amazing views of O'ahu, and got wonderful pictures of our luau! Pearl Harbor deserves its place though. There is no denying that it deserves the honor of being the picture of the day. 

I could not have asked for a better vacation though. The weather was perfect, even the rain during my surfing was great. The company was lovely. I loved having freedom to explore and also spend time with Aunt Dot and my mother-in-law (their picture from the balcony will definitely make my picture of the day that day - so cute!). 

Well, I better get back to work. I want to get a couple days ahead on Gospel Harmony Book Club, and I keep on getting distracted!
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