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Back from the Dead or Bed

I had a glorious vacation, and you can check my photoblog for the pictures from that exciting experience with my mom and brother's family. I came back to being sick, sick, sick. So, I am just now eating solid foods again.

The good news is that any weight that I may have gained over the Christmas break/scrapbook stress/California overeating was all lost! (Well, probably not, it is no doubt water weight!). I have had a peaceful three days back home, but I am missing fellowship after a week in California and missing my three Bible studies since I came back from CA. So, I am looking forward to fellowship in the car with V, C, and C.

Here is my "Well" status!

Well-Educated Mind

I am back to full-leaded homeschooling with the boys. Rock cycle and catching up on the timelines and catching our Bible reading up to where we are in World History.

I am reading My Sister's Keeper. I really want to get back to the Well-Educated Mind autobiographies, but attacking The Gulag Archipelago by Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn is, quite honestly, INTIMIDATING. I want to proceed, but I need that push through attitude!

Well-Watered Soul

Loving the foray into the new Face to Face for Spiritual Growth book. May pick up Boa's Two Year Reading and Prayer Bible since I saw it used, and it might be just what I need since I already decided that I will take two years to read through the Bible instead of one.

I am still going through Romans, and hoping that K and N are ready to come along for the ride. They don't seem as disciplined to do their homework outside of the study. It is a long time away from my time with M, M, K, L, C, K, S. Those women were my "dream study." I really, really like K and N though. So, I want to stick with them and bring them along. K and I are so like-heared in so many other things though!

Love Beth's Bird's Eye View and Claudia's Ephesians. Ephesians will be ending just as we kick Romans into full gear. So, I am grateful for that!

Wellness in Heart

Overall, I am healing and growing and changing. I had a little fear about going to the Renada Ministries seminar knowing that Jean hasn't responded to my emails, and M may have poisoned her mind, but it would be more of a reflection on J character if she believes any of it than mine.

I am also realizing how blessed and surrounded in love I am with friends and family and church family. I just didn't have that "church" family blessing before, and I do now. It was a horrible situation for me, and I still believe that leaving NWH was the third best decision we have made in our lives (1) getting married 2) going to Malaysia (which also meant leaving NWH)).

My heart is well.

Wellness in Body

What can I say? I am on the mend from my sickness and have taken three days off of any kind of exercise in order to heal my body of this nasty flu/virus that has gotten me down.

My weight is "in range."

I am strong. I exercised four times out of the six days that I was in California. That is a great thing. I will be back at Timberhill AC by next Monday for the new launch of Group Power.

That is my update!

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