My heart be still

I am feeling very weird right now. I finally got to putting my mom's 80th Birthday scrapbook together. We had taken most of my mom's pictures with us up to Oregon after we moved her to Assisted-Living because her closet space is so very small. I asked George to bring up the boxes and there were FOUR huge ones. There is one from the Walter family from my mom's side. There is one from the Wardrop family on my dad's side. The other two are pictures from our growing up in one and pictures from the time after my dad's retirement.

Can you say BITTERSWEET?

I am looking at picture after picture of family and friends who have died, but I am also looking at my mom's past which was filled with joy . . . my parent's on their honeymoon . . . a "racey" anniversary card my dad gave to my mom . . . my parents on Mauii . . . camping trips and confirmations . . .graduations and grandchildren. . . .beauty pageants (Yes, my mom was "Miss Chicago Tall.") and babies.

Oh, my heart be still. I think it is going to a joyful experience to wade through these pictures and a challenging one emotionally.
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