Ruminations on a Sunny Wednesday

I had a whole post yesterday, and there was some kind of system error, and it vanished into thin cyberspace.

I haven't been as good about keeping this blog up with my photoblog being a daily thing, but that is OK.

Yesterday, I made a decision that I would walk a little slower and purposely slow down everything. My life really isn't that stressful nowadays, but I want to be even more purposeful about saying no and not doing anything that I have to rush around for. I know that this sounds like an impossible task, but I am going to do it.

Actually, on a scale of 1 to 10 in comparison to most people that I know, I have a very slow life, but I want it even slower. I am especially going to not go to as many Bible studies next year. The way things have worked out this year, I am fine because the one I am in on Wenesday nights turns into a book discussion group about the time the Romans study is kicking into gear. So, that is cool, but I won't do Bird's Eye View of the Bible again. I love doing this and seeing Beth on a more consistent basis, and I knew this was my last year to participate in this thing I have heard so much about over the years. It is baby basic for me, but I still love it. I won't do it again. So, next year I will just be in a study and lead a study. That is it!

The dilemma that I have is that if I slow down too much, my kids get too bored. So, I may slow down my ministry time, but I want to spend more time with plugging my kids into things that will expand their horizons kid wise. I think M is especially feeling the need to be around more people, but he is a little bit afraid to take some risks in that area. So, I am praying how to encourage him in that way.

Well, I am getting too tired. It is 11:02, and I am done ruminating.
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