A Warm and Wonderful Day . . .

even though the weather is close to freezing! I stayed up until 2 a.m. this morning not realizing that I was walking with Cathi this morning! She knocked on the door at 8:15, and I was still in bed. She is a safe enough person that I felt fine about answering the door in my P.J.'s!

We had a lovely walk talking about family. I like her so much. I hope we can walk more in the future.

Then, I hit the homestretch on this scrapbook. The boys did school, and I helped them along as they did things independently. My goal was to finish before Sherry did my hair at 3 p.m. George was so sweet to call and offer to take the boys to music lessons so I could finish up.

Well, I made it to 1985, and I only had about 5 more pages left when I went to get my haircut.

Then, I finished up the last 5 in less than an hour. YEAH. I went out on date to McGrath's with George, and I even remembered to buy a birthday card for mom!

So, I am procrastinating about doing my wash and packing (as usual!). I don't know if I will Blog from CA or not, but I thought I would log in one last time here.

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