Friday, December 06, 2019

Friday Freewrite Fifteen

Today I can expect showers with a high of 46 and a low of 35. 

I think I will have an Examen time of yesterday. 

Light - I ask you, God, to shed light on yesterday to see it through your eyes.

Gratitude - Recalling two to three things I am grateful for:

  • Our Missional Community - We shared life-giving things from the week, and I was SO encouraged by it. God is on the move.
  • Two walks in the sunshine.
  • Daily time in your word and prayer through the Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius of Loyola.

Replay the Day and Pay Attention to Feelings - Where I sensed God's presence and where I did not.

5:30a I finally got a normal night of sleep
Spiritual Exercises - the story of Abraham's offering of Isaac and Pray as you God in Isaiah
Finished Becoming
Wrote reviews for two books. 
Walked and listened to a book (I cannot remember which one)
Downloaded all of the Enneagram lectured and reviewed the oldest ones and listened to the one I missed during our trip. (the bulk of day)
Stretching and flexibility
Walked and listened to Half of the Yellow Sun
Cleaned house for the missional community.
Organized things in my office - long overdue and felt so good to do a self-preservation project!
Read Salt Houses
Missional Community
Mrs. Maisel dropped on Amazon. So I watched 1 1/2 episodes.

Rejoice and Seek Forgiveness 
  • Strongest feeling of consolation: Missional community stories about where people saw God, especially Jamie's story about a  person she helped listen to God and Micah's story about a miraculous change in a friend (when Micah thought his friend was not listening in the past). 
  • Strongest feeling of desolation: None that I can remember other than just that nagging of wanting my kids to find jobs!
Look to the Future 

Still deciding whether I should go up to Hillsboro with George today. Will love the time in the car together. Should we go to the classical concert or Nicole and Graham's house worship party? 

I want to finish listening to Enneagram lectures and work on my homework due in April. 

One practical thing I can commit to doing today that will express love for You and for others -

Pray for jobs for my kids.
Talk to Marge about SE starting in January.
Schedule R for Spiritual Direction. 

I have 4:20 left on my timer. So I will just say that I love today already. Praying for our country as they are going to impeach the president. 

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