Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Tuesday Freewrite

Late Night Walk through Amsterdam on Layover

My timer is set for fifteen minutes. I rarely do these now since I am doing Morning Pages on actual paper. I might go back to this. I love the act of writing, but I don't like all the extra bulk that happens. Saving a tree by doing it on my blog. Of course, I cannot write my deepest thoughts or mention any names in this blog format, but for the most part, I am pretty transparent. 

We are back from our epic adventure to Northern Cyprus with stops in Istanbul both ways and Amsterdam on the way back. It was lovely. We had so many obstacles on the way there. Twelve to be exact. And we only had one on the way back that had nothing to do with plane travel. Traveling there really made me see that even Delta, who we have flown exclusively internationally (other than Icelandair one time) for the last 10-15 years, has even lowered many of their standards since COVID. I had many opportunities to practice "Welcoming Prayer" that I call "Centering Prayer on the Go." I didn't have a single meltdown the whole trip there, and that could have been a real possibility with all the obstacles. 

We had an excellent time, and there is really nothing that I found wanting in the conference we went to. Good prayer and time with friends near and far. So, yay! We are glad we made the journey. It was also really nice to be with my Georgie! He is the best traveling buddy! We had a good time together. 

So my heart is warmed.

Now, I come back to two classes. I took on another class, and it is a TON of outside work. All these assignments to look at! YUK! I had no idea. Well, it is my "swan song" at the University. So I will do my best. I am not very excited about keeping track of 29 people, and their walking. I thought I would meet them outside of Langton, take attendance and walk with them. Oh well, I should have asked more questions of them.

In a few hours, I meet with my first directee about the connection of Body and Soul. So this will be really good. I am going off a book called Intuitive Eating. It should be really good! 

My eating is so much more emotionally directed than anything else. The busier I am, the more I disengage from my body and emotionally eat. I am not overweight. So that is the tricky part for me. I want to eat when I am hungry. I am pretty good about not stuffing myself, and I am proud of how I did at an "All you can eat" hotel in Northern Cyprus. There were opportunities for food every hour we were there, but I didn't even go to the snack table at break times! I am pretty sure I lost weight there. That was great. 

So hard to type with these nails of mine. I won't have them for the summer months. 

Tuesday Ten Minute Freewrite

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