Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Freewrite to Free this Country and Myself

Fifteen minutes counting down . . . 

What a morning! Started off with waking up after a full night of sleep. I fell asleep at maybe 8:30 and slept until 5:30. That is really long for me, but I had a short night the night before, and my body always evens out to 6 hours in the end.

For such a time as this (stream of consciousness here). That is what keeps ringing through my head.

The prophetic word over us about two or three months ago with a map of this country put at our feet. The person saw the outline of a map in their listening to God. He went to an atlas to see what the country was. It was the country in turmoil right now.

He traced it on paper. We thought, "How nice." We do have friends there. We love those people. Nothing is open there. We know another language and hope to go to another country or two that speak that one.

But now, "for such a time as this." That is the country put at our feet. That is the country that gets my priority prayer. The people there in general. The friends there in particular. 

Yet, there is such peace. I think I can attribute that only to God. There has been urgency and there has been a tremendous amount of time and effort expended, but I would give even more. It is not about my effort. It is about God. I heard "For my greater glory" at another prayer time (three weeks ago?). I know it is for that. Whether our friends live or die, it is for God's greater glory. We can rest in that.

I had the mother of a soldier feeling horrible that her efforts on our behalf ended with utter heartbreak. People turned away at the gate. Not her failure. Not God's failure. It is just what will happen "For the greater glory." That's it.

It has been so good to STOP every day and have silent prayer time. Sometimes two times a day, but always that mid-day one. Stop and center and still myself before the Lord without words. Gazing at his glory. Peace. Presence. He is there. He sees it all. He really is real. 

So this morning after some time with God, I had a 6 am meeting. I spoke the truth. I was being a loving (2), visionary (5), revolutionary (8). I had to speak it to the head of the whole thing who oversees 1600 people. Then this Type Two shrinks back. Was I too overbearing? Will he think I was mad? UGH. That is more what I struggle with this morning than the people in the country that is in chaos. When things are out of my hands, I am usually pretty willing to not try to take them into my own. But when it is something I said or relational things. I struggle more.

I am growing there. To tap into the healthy side of Type 8, I must take risks of relational disconnection. Not that I am "wrong" in being outspoken, but they might choose to disconnect with me as a result. That is death to the unhealthy side of Type Two. I need to resist. I know in my heart I was not mad. I know in my heart that my passion can sometimes be misconstrued as anger (I was angry last week about this whole mess in the country. So I know when I am mad.), but that is not my issue. I think I did well. George thinks I did well too because he overheard me being assertive. He loves me when I am assertive. :) He likes my healthy side of Type 8, but he is a very healthy person. I think the person I was speaking to is healthy too though. So I think we are good. 

So I have been in my HEART triad for hours. I was immobilized in my HEART. So this writing is me breaking into my HEAD. Logically putting it all down on paper. (Also taping into my writing Type 4.) So next step will be a walk to the labyrinth to get into my BODY triad Type 8. I think I am going to be OK. I think I am going to fly. I think that my friends in that country, whether they live or die, will glorify God in all they say and do. While I would like to see a picture of them on a plane or crossing a border to safety rather than getting pictures of the bad guys celebrating in the streets, I trust in Your mighty hand.


Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Ten Minute Freewrite

I thought I would freewrite for 10 while I wait for my co-worker Paul to get into the Zoom room. I have been up since 3:21 am. My friends are in line at the airport trying to get out of that country that has been overrun. What a mess. 

I have some reflection as I "examine" my day yesterday. I don't know if it was a desolation, but I went to someone's house yesterday. We have not sat down and talked for any length of time for many years. Twice a week for 3 1/2 years, we did a Creation to Christ study. This was back in 2007-2010. Long story short, as we were talking yesterday, I realized that she is not a Person of Peace. I forgot how much she verbally overpowers you. One of the characteristics of a Person of Peace is they are WOOLY:


Opens up their

Oikos (Greek for network of relationships)

Listens to 


I realized that this person WELCOMES, and I love that person, but this person just does not LISTEN!

George was at home hearing the exact same thing as he prayed for our time. Before I would have continued to sit there and listen to the pontification. I did listen for a long time, but then I felt the need to not stay too long. To touch base and not deeply invest as I did for 3 1/2 years. I believe people can become People of Peace eventually, but that time is not now. I will continue to pray. 

And He can make a way.    

Monday, August 23, 2021

Monday Freewrite

Hiking Fitton Green Yesterday with My Favorite People: George, Michael, and Paul

Well, sometimes it is a blessing that people do not show up for their spiritual direction appointments. One of my directees who is super reliable did not show, but I am burdened right now with Afghanistan. So it is good for me to not meet with her this week. So it is next week at the same time. 

So here I am sitting on a beautiful sunny summer day in Corvallis. I have a lot of work to do today. I am going to devote the rest of the morning to get the podcasts ready for publishing. 

I think I need to walk up to the labyrinth and just release a lot of stuff. I feel so "swirly" right now. The good news is that I am not "squishy" as I used to say. I am not in conflict with anyone, and I feel like I am in a good place with everyone around me. Part of that is that I don't care as much what people think of me. I see the benefit of the Harmony Triad training I received. It was really good for me to do that. I am going a lot more to Type 5 and Type 8 so I am not all caught up in thinking that someone does not like what I am doing. I just am working diligently and know that "that the desire to please God does, in fact, please God" (Merton). There is freedom in that. There is beauty in that. 

So the difference between "swirly" and "squishy" is that I just have so many things going all around me, but I am not emotional about it. I am not going to unhealthy emotional places (Type 4 unhealthy) in the midst of 1) the Afghanistan situation and my friends who are there, and 2) working with someone on a project that can sometimes make things a little bit more complicated than it needs to be. I am a K.I.S.S. kind of person. I have streamlined what I give that person because everything seems to be questioned and sometimes made incorrect in the translation from what I give and what is eventually produced. Surprisingly, I am not at all frustrated, but I think the light is dawning that things are not all there. Maybe it is a distraction from other things or maybe it is just who that person is. I really like that person, and I need to maintain a good relationship with them. So I am praying through it.

All that said, I was needing to pray at 4:30 pm yesterday as a friend made a heroic journey to get out of Afghanistan, but my family wanted to go out to eat and for a hike. SO GOOD FOR MY SOUL. Because these are my two favorite things in all the world: my wonderful family and being out in nature (with my wonderful family). I love our peace. I love our love of similar things. So it was good for me to spend the two hours before 4:30 eating and hiking. Then I got home in time to pray as a family with them and then throughout the time from 4:30-8:00 when I got a message that the attempt was unsuccessful. I was so sad. This meant communicating with a whole group of prayer warriors on the subject. They are so sweet to check, but it meant a lot of time. I need to streamline the process. I have always thought it would be so nice to have an administrator. This is why I have no desire to make a name for myself or have a more public persona. It would mean too many people and eventually, I would not be able to be personal with people. So this is so good for me to just be more one-on-one. 

But someone let the cat out of the bag about doing Enneagram stuff, and now I am getting contacted about that. It is good on the one hand because I had wanted to meet one on one with the small group I am facilitating. But it means more time that is going to dwindle away when I go back to teaching. 

So that is my story for today. When I finish my tea. I will walk and then I will work on the tedious part of my job! 

Sunday, August 22, 2021

Sunday Sixteen Freewrite


In the Midst of the Chaos, A Time to Observe the Birds

God told me on my walk yesterday, "For such a time as this." I know he was reminding me of Esther. Then one of the helpers in this little endeavor I am involved with mentioned that her community group was studying Esther. I am in no danger, but I have friends that are in real-life danger, and I am praying, praying, praying that God will deliver them from all fear. They are more the ones that have to be brave as they face a life or death situation. I can just be the friend who stands by, elicit an army of prayer warriors, and wait and pray. It is somewhat helpless, but in many ways not. It is total dependence on the one who holds the whole world in his hands. 

I have dreams for these people and for their country. George has had a vision for it. M confirmed that vision in one of our prayer times with the Seed Community. So we wait. 

Yesterday was really good. I started talking to a person who has recently come to faith and has so many questions and is like a sponge. I do believe this is one of my favorite things in the world: meeting with new believers and talking about Jesus!

Then, I had some walking and prayer time. Then I met with my Order of the Mustard Seed Cohort. After that, my cohort leader and sponsor for the OMS and I met for the recommendation interview. He had already told me to order the ring because he knows I am all in. He also encouraged me in using my gifting in the OMS. I am still praying about all of that. I need to balance that with what I am doing with my other big group.

Speaking of that, I love that job too. Developing resources and doing interviews with people in this organization has been so very fun! I love hearing about how people are abiding in Christ. The name of the podcast we do is up for debate right now, and I think it is interesting to watch. I am pretty convinced that the higher-ups gave it the wrong name, but it is not a hill I would necessarily die on, and I don't know that all that many people will really notice. I do prefer the one my coworkers are fighting for, but I don't want to be a pain. 

In other news, when I decided to NOT teach that Back Clinic Class after all, and I quit preparing for it by doing the exercises from it, I have absolutely and positively pain-free. I don't think the exercises are bad, but they conflict with Pilates and the back subtleness exercises I already do. I feel sad that I could not teach it, but I LOVE being out of pain. I forgot how much that hinders me in my other work.

George and I also went for a long walk, and he listened to me a lot. I am quite mad about how things have been handled in the exit from the country that is so dear to us. There was no common sense used in the planning and execution of the whole thing, and now things are in such a mess. But I have hope. I do have hope. Things are going better because the military rocks. I hope there are consequences to the inept way our leaders handled this whole debacle. I hope people are not partisan about the whole thing. 

So today is my Sabbath. I did wake up with an idea. So I jotted it down for tomorrow morning. This week is a little busier in Spiritual Direction than last week. I am sort of glad the Back Class did not work out because I think my Spiritual Direction is growing. I am having to be wise about who to take on and who to not take on. We will see. 

I got to Centering Prayer in 30 minutes. So I want to get a walk in before then. I sure miss Marty leading it though. I hope he comes back. 


Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Freewrite - Pausing in the Midst of World Chaos for a Peaceful River Ride

Well, I have fifteen minutes before my Centering Prayer time with the nuns of East Mosely, UK. I love that time with them.

It has been a whirlwind for me as I have several friends trapped in the country that is being taken over by extremists. I am not saying the names so that there are no google searches by nefarious people. 

One of my friends there got a call from a strange man who knew everything about her. She was so scared she fled her city. She is still trying to get out.

I have several friends that are in various stages of trying to get out. It is crazy right now. Most of the Americans that I know of have been evacuated. What a mess.

All that to say that yesterday was a flurry of activity for me, and people have come from all corners to support and pray. It is beautiful. I was invited to a river ride in my kayak (with the Stand Up and Paddle Boards) doing the Willamette River. The old me would have probably not stopped in the middle of everything to do this, but the new me knew that I needed perspective and self-care and the silence and peace of God's beautiful creation. 

I am so glad that I did! I did pray for encouragement before I left, and there was a HUGE donation. So we went on a peaceful journey down the Willamette to the sounds of birds flying overhead and seeing huge fish and just lovely people. Who cares that M fell off her board? It was so fun. I came back refreshed for the rest of the battle.  

Another thing I am doing is resting for Centering Prayer. Jesus has been my anchor. 

I will post pictures of our time down the river later. Gotta go to prayer. 

Monday, August 16, 2021

Freewrite Ten

Image by FelixMittermeier from Pixabay 

 It has been a whirlwind of a morning, but I am anchored to you. I am having a Centering Prayer time in 10 minutes with the nuns of East Mosely. 

Boy, Centering Prayer has been SO GOOD in this tumultuous time in Afghanistan to just to stop for 

Inner Stillness

Inner Silence

Inner Solitude

with the only intention: to gaze at God.

Love it. It has so helped me focus.

After sharing an update last night with our community, we just worshipped for an hour. Then we prophesied over one another. It was lovely. Just what was needful.

I am still in constant texting contact with my friends in Afghanistan. I am working on a way out for one to two of them, but I have such INCREDIBLE PEACE in the midst of it. During our worship last night, God kept saying, "For my greater glory." 

He has the whole world in his hands. We broke into that kids' song when I shared it with our community. Then we sang, "My God is so Big." Love it.

He is so big.

He is in control.

This morning meant an exchange with my friends there. Also, an exchange with the man who is my contact for the university that might be able to give a visa and also where we can send funding for the master's degree. Then I talked to another American who used to live there. She wants to help financially if we can set something up. Then I wrote out a whole email about all my friends there, and their specific situations to a friend who was asking.

But in the middle of all this, Nessa dropped in for an hour. SUCH A BLESSING. I love that woman.

Well. that was only 10. Bye.

Saturday, August 14, 2021

The Warden by Anthony Trollope

 I am reading non-fiction about a person bent on power (The Power Broker by Caro) and a depressing collection of fictional stories by a depressed woman (The Complete Stories by Clarice Lispector). So, I had to have some relief fiction with a good and moral protagonist. Enter The Warden. I have watched quite a few Trollope books that have come to life on the small screen (Dr. Thorne, He Knew He was Right, The Way We Live Now, The Pallisers), but I had never read him. 


Septimus Harding (the Warden) is a moral protagonist. What a relief and pleasant break.

I listened to Version 2 on Librivox, and I loved her enthusiasm, but she tended to make me giggle as she mispronounced many words. I can relate. I read many books not knowing how to pronounce certain words. When I would discuss them with my husband, he would giggle at my mispronunciation. 

So, the picture above is from the Nick Whitley Librivox version. He pronounces the words correctly. Plus it is always so great to hear a Brit read Brit Lit with such dramatic flair! (He does it more slowly than Version 2 though.) 

Here are some quotes I lifted from IMDB rather than the book because they are just so good:


  • Rev. Septimus Harding I am safe because the church has more money than the reformers. And because of a fine legal quibble, I'm safe.

    Archdeacon Grantly Yes.

    Rev. Septimus Harding Does Sir Abraham say anything about the morality of the situation?

    Archdeacon Grantly Certainly not! The legal profession does not concern itself with morality.

    Bishop Grantly Our department, is it not?

    Rev. Septimus Harding Forgive me, Bishop, Archdeacan: if the world considers me to be a thief, it is of small comfort to know that a "fine legal quibble" says that I am not! Excuse me.


    Archdeacon Grantly My father in law can be a very difficult person.

    Bishop Grantly He has persistent bouts of Christianity.

  • Rev. Septimus Harding If there is no music, there is no mystery. If there is no mystery, there is no God. If there is no mystery, there is no faith. Have I lived for sixty years on a misunderstanding?

  • Archdeacon Grantly Now for heaven's sake, don't let's have a division in the ranks, unless you wish to be ruined quietly.

    Rev. Septimus Harding If I am to be ruined, I'd much rather be ruined quietly.

  • Rev. Septimus Harding It seems to be a very fine legal quibble.

    Archdeacon Grantly Sir Abraham specializes in fine legal quibbles.

  • Sir Abraham Haphazard Give up this idea, Mr. Harding. A man is never the best judge of his own position.

    Rev. Septimus Harding A man is the best judge of his own feelings. I would rather beg than see those words written about me in the Jupiter, and know that the man who wrote those words has truth on his side. My God knows whether I love my daughter, but I would rather that she and I begged in the streets, than that she should live in comfort on money which is rightly the property of the poor! I'm sorry. And now you should know that from tomorrow, I shall no longer be Warden of Hiram's Hospital.

    Sir Abraham Haphazard You should sleep on this, Mr. Harding. Make no hasty decisions.

    Rev. Septimus Harding I have slept on it. I have done more than sleep upon it, I have lain awake on it, and that night after night. I found I could not sleep upon it. But now - now that I have made my decision, I think I shall sleep again. I shall sleep tonight.

  • Susan Grantly What are you going to live on?

    Rev. Septimus Harding God that feedeth the young ravens will take care of me also.

    Archdeacon Grantly Pish! If the ravens persisted in refusing the food prepared for them, they wouldn't be fed.

  • Bishop Grantly We need you in the town.

    Rev. Septimus Harding Do you really think so?

    Bishop Grantly Yes, to talk to, to take wine with.

    Rev. Septimus Harding And to poke the fire.

    [walks over to the fireplace] 

    Bishop Grantly If you would be so kind. You know, when anybody else does that, the room fills with smoke. I think it is because you are a pure man adrift among sinners. Sinners are so much easier to cope with.

  • Eleanor Bold It seems a remarkable coincidence that you should return minutes after Mr. Slope's departure.

    Rev. Septimus Harding Not at all a coincidence, my dear. I walked up and down at a safe distance until I was quite sure he had gone.

    Eleanor Bold It is an awful lot of trouble to go to, father.

    Rev. Septimus Harding I would do the same for Mr. Slope anytime.

  • Rev. Septimus Harding I have listened to the word of Obadiah Slope. More important, I have listened to the music of his soul, and I found the melody somewhat tasteless.

    Mary Bold But you must consider the possibility that you misunderstand him.

    Rev. Septimus Harding Yes. And you must consider the possibility that I understand him TOTALLY! And that is why I prefer to wait upon the bishop and his decision - which, I suppose, means Mrs. Proudie's decision.

Freewrite Fifteen

I am meeting with my conversant in 35 minutes, but I have not had a freewrite in a very long time. 

I really love all that is happening in my life. This morning, during my Silent Prayer time, I change my sacred word to the phrase "gazing always at me." That is really what it is: being intentional about gazing at him. It is about "beholding his beauty" intentionally. I love that. I do so much better when I have Silent Prayer time. In some ways, I do like the word Centering Prayer as that is what I am doing: I am centering on Him alone, receiving no thought, person, or activity and rejecting no thought. I think the "receive no thought, reject no thought" is something akin to the boats and debris on the river. I do not climb on the boat or debris (receive) but I also don't "try" to remove the boat or debris (reject). I just let it float by. It was there but now it is gone, but the river (God) is always there. I have loved growing in this practice. I had to choose a practice the second year of my spiritual direction training. I had been "dabbling" in Centering prayer for years. I started getting a little more intentional in 2018. Then I got a lot more intentional in 2019. Then the pandemic hit, and all these online Centering prayer groups sprung up everywhere. That really helped me grow in this practice.

So I am still growing, but through all the things that have been very stressful this week, I have been able to be intentional about fixing my gaze on God.

She passed away weeks before all this mess in Afghanistan.

The biggest stress for me this week has been the fall of Afghanistan. I am sad my friends there did not see the urgency to get out when they could get out. I am not sure what they were thinking. One of my friends even went back to the country when he was out prior to this mess. 

Now, the situation is really desperate. Everyone is fleeing to Kabul, and somehow, all the costs of visas to other countries have skyrocketed (my friend trying to get to Turkey is looking at 3000 for a visa - that just does not seem right), and the people in the American embassy are being evacuated today. It is a mess.  I am still praying about what would be the best course of action. Wisdom is needed. Miracles are needed. 

In personal news, I am pain-free in my back after some weird things happening over the last month. The only thing I could attribute it to was trying to learn the exercises for the Back Clinic I was going to teach. They really messed up my back. I think all the exercises are really sound, but the order does not allow for relaxation of the hip flexors which I have found to be the key turning point in the elimination of pain for me. In addition, the exercises
conflict with how my body has worked after doing Pilates consistently since 2003. I remember when we first moved into this house doing the Windsor Pilates Videos (or maybe DVDs), and thinking, this is what my body needs. Joseph Pilates thought out a genius order of things. This Back Clinic as a stand-alone is probably fine, but trying to switch back and forth between it and Pilates has been very painful (and expensive) for me. The cost far outweighs the benefit of doing it. So, I told Sarah that I would not teach it after all. 

My timer when off. 

Monday, August 09, 2021

There is a Holy Hush - No Fear Here

 It is a Monday, and my first directee session is at 10 am, and I find myself sitting quietly and breathing in the presence of God. There is a holy hush that quiets and comforts me. He is here. He always is, but I can miss it.

Oh, there goes something. I realized I forgot to send out something to my small group. Yet, I will resist until my 15-minute free-write is up. I can send it later.

How much of our fears get in the way of God's presence. He is always there, but the fear impedes His presence. 

This is one of the nicest things about knowing my Enneagram and catching myself when I let my fears get in the way of God's presence:

I see it. My fear was about people-pleasing (more my issue than "possessiveness"). I have someone (whose fear is not performing as a Type 3) who is probably wondering when I am going to do something for tomorrow. A performer and a people-pleaser don't always do well together, but I think it is working (helps that I am 20 years older). 

The point is that I want nothing to keep me from His presence. NOTHING. So I catch myself in the act of "non-presence" and center back to Him. 

Saturday, August 07, 2021

The Pilgrim's Regress by C.S. Lewis

"All good allegory exists not to hide but to reveal.

 To make the inner world more palpable 

by giving it an imagined concrete embodiment." 

And C.S. Lewis is SO GOOD at allegory! I loved this book, but I must admit that some parts were over my head. I have said this before, and I will say it again, "I think my brain is too small for C.S. Lewis!" But yet, I love his writing. 

This quote: 

 "There is no avoiding danger in our country. Do you know what happens to people who set about learning to skate with a determination to get no falls? They fall as often as the rest of us, and they cannot skate in the end." 

The risk of heading toward heaven is what this quote is all about. I have had it over my desk for years, but I have never read the book from which it came. So, I indulged this week in TWO allegories. (See another post before this.) I have to admit that Hind's Feet on Hight Places was much easier to grasp than Lewis but both were significant and enjoyable. 

Hinds' Feet on High Places

 Oh my heart! I read this book in my early 20s, and here I am in my early 60s reading it again. Oh, what a journey this life has been. Little Miss Much Afraid's journey to the High Places, fraught with peril but so worth it. That has been my life. 

Praise the Good Shepherd! 

Friday, August 06, 2021

A Long Obedience in the Same Direction by Eugene Peterson

 I was praying through the Psalms this summer. So when I got to the "Songs of Ascent," I decided to pull this book I bought many years ago off the shelf and read it. It was lovely and added to my understanding of these Psalms! 

Thursday, August 05, 2021

Prayers for Committing Our Work to God

From: bibleversestogo.com

Each stanza can be a change of reader.

Bold means everyone says together.

Prayers for Committing Our Work to God

This day is Your gift to me;

I take it, Lord, from Your hand

and thank You for the wonder of it. 

God be with me

in this Your day,

every day

and every way,

with me and for me

in this Your day;

and the love 

and affection 

of heaven 

be toward me.

All that I am, Lord,

I place into Your hands.

All that I do, Lord.

I place into Your hands.

Everything I work for

I place into Your hands.

Everything I hope for

I place into Your hands.

The troubles that weary me

I place into Your hands.

The thoughts that disturb me

I place into Your hands.

Each that I pray for

I place into Your hands.

Each that I care for

I place into Your hands.

I place into your hands, Lord, 

the choices that I face.

Guard me from choosing 

the way perilous

of which the end is heart-pain

and the secret tear.

Rich in counsel

show us the way

that is plain and safe.

May I feel Your presence 

at the heart of my desire,

and so know it for Your desire for me.

Thus shall I prosper,

thus see my purpose is from You,

thus have power to do the good which endures.

Show me what blessing it is

that I have work to do.

And sometimes,

and most of all

when the day is overcast and my courage faints,

let me hear Your voice, saying,

"You are my beloved one

in whom I am well pleased."

Stand at the crossroads and look, 

ask for the ancient paths,

ask where the good way is,

and walk in it,

and you will find rest for your souls.

In the name of Christ we stand

and in His name move out across the land

in fearfulness and blessing.

To gather the kingdom to the King

and claim this land for God:

a task indeed.

Give us to see Your will,

and power to walk in its path;

and lo! the night is routed and gone.

Lord, hasten the day 

when those who fear You in every nation 

will come from east and west,

from north and south,

and sit at table in Your Kingdom.

And, Lord,

let Your glory be seen in our land.

He has shown you, O man, what is right;

and what does the Lord require of you,

but to do justly, and to love mercy

and to walk humbly with your God?

Keep me close to You, Lord.

Keep me close to You.

I lift my hands to You, Lord.

I lift them up to You.

Hands, Lord, Your gift to us,

we stretch them up to You.

always You hold them.

Help me to find my happiness 

in my acceptance 

of what is Your purpose for me: 

in friendly eyes, in work well done,

in quietness born of trust,

and, most of all, 

in the awareness of Your presence 

in my spirit.

(Pause for reflection before resuming your activity.)

From: Celtic Daily Prayer: Book One - The Journey Begins, p. 278-281 (Under "Follow the Example - Oswald of Northumbria (605-642)

Wednesday, August 04, 2021

Five Minute Freewrite

I am due to go to Imagine for the last time this summer. For me, it is the first time I will be going for the summer. I went one other time but had to abandon it because I had been sitting too long. IMAGINE was so crucial for me last summer. I really gave me fellowship during COVID and great meditations! So I am grateful. 

God is good, but my friends in Central Asia are really suffering. The Taliban are taking over their city. Most of the country is in its control. It is so sad. I am praying. Not really knowing what to do. 

I went for a walk and prayed and walked some more. It is such a helpless feeling. These people are in real danger. Europe is opening up its borders for some of them, but they cannot get out of the city because they are surrounded. It is so unsettling. Praying for a miracle. 

I think it is going to start. This was a short freewrite. 

Tuesday, August 03, 2021

Tuesday Morning Freewrite -Annotated Rule of Life: True to Christ

 I thought I would put my Rule of Life (Personal Customary) here and then comment on how it is going in each area. 

True to Christ

Living PrayerfullyCelebrating God’s presence in all things, at all times, through a daily rhythm of prayer and worship.


Celtic Daily Prayer

This is from the Northumbrian Community. I had read about it in Pete Greig's book How to Pray, and this motivated me to look it up. Then one of my former directees said this was her favorite form of prayer and wanted to send me Book One in lieu of payment. Since then, I purchased the Kindle version with four years worth of daily prayer and the musical version of all the prayers. I also have the musical version alone on Amazon Music. It is lovely. Last month, I meditated my way through the Songs of Ascents along with Old and New Testament readings. It is a very nice addition to my morning time. 

Pray as You Go

I don't remember how I first heard about this lovely guided prayer time. I don't know anyone who was doing it. So I think I just stumbled upon it, and I do believe it is my favorite prayer app (that I downloaded in May of 2019, but I think I was on the web version before that.) I love the variety of worship music from classical to modern. They read a short passage of Scripture two times. Sometimes it is more imaginative contemplation and other times it is Lectio Divina. Today was Peter walking on the water to Jesus. They ask insightful questions and encourage a dialogue with God. I think this is my favorite of all the apps, and it led me to Imagine (see below). I often will walk and pray as I listen to this one either in the morning or on a break during the day. 


This is a newer addition to my prayer from September 2020. I think it was released a couple of months before that. This was a result of me reading  How to Pray and going on the 24-7 website. It is lovely, and it reminds me of my Order of the Mustard Seed vows. I love that it will have different themes. For instance, this week is the "biblical theme of shalompeace with God, ourselves and others, through the lens of mission." They have recently added a Night Prayer feature that I love (when I can stay awake listening to it because the voices are so soothing I fall asleep). 

Silent Prayer – 2x for 20 minutes (East Mosely, Mercy Center, Presby)

In August of 2018, I read a book called The Sacred Enneagram where he said he did this twice a day for 20 minutes each time, and I thought that was crazy. I also saw the book Centering Prayer by Basil Pennington at the Queen of Angels Monastery during one of my prayer retreats, tried to read it, and quickly was discouraged. I remember talking about it with one of my directees, and I thought she told me about the Centering Prayer app, but when she visited in July, she had never heard of it! I don't know how I stumbled upon it, but I am glad I did. I decided to make Silent Prayer my "spiritual practice" for 2018-2020 while I was with the wonderful Marty and Sandy Boller of Sustainable Faith

Although I always have silent prayer times before and after meditating on Scripture. They are usually very short. The longer ones came at this 2018 commitment. When COVID hit, I found many Centering Prayer groups who had once met in person doing it on Zoom! So I jumped on first to the Mercy Center, Burlingame group on Sundays and Thursdays with a book club discussion through Open Mind, Open Heart. SO HELPFUL. I did find one time they had a substitute who went on and on in her introduction with non-biblical trifle, but the rest of the time, it is lovely and led by three wonderful people. One of them moved away. I have even been to two morning Centering Prayer times where we do two 20 minutes sits in four hours. 

Then I found the lovely group of mostly nuns in East Mosely, London, UK who do it Monday through Friday for 25 minutes in the middle of the day. There is no interaction between us. We are all on mute with the exception of the reader who opens us up with a wonderful quote or Scripture. 

Then I talked to the local group here to do it via Zoom. What a warm and welcoming bunch! I love them. We do that on Sundays at 11:30. Now that my church has opened up, I will probably need to ask if we can meet at another time. We will see.

So all that to say is that most of the time, I do it one time with a group and one time on my own every day! I LOVE IT. I wrote a little handout about it, and it is linked to the title above. 

Last but not least is a group with Jo of the Order of the Mustard Seed!

I have to stop this post because it is my time to pray for the world from 7-8 am! TO BE CONTINUED! 

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