Sunday, November 25, 2007

A Freed-Write

Yes, that is what it says: Freedwrite. I feel released from staying down her anymore. I have been here almost four weeks, and I would love to stay and see mom ushered into heaven, but I think I need to go back to Oregon and be with my family. I feel freed. I feel like she knows that I have been there, and I wish I could stay, but it is time to go. Debbie said that she stayed with her mom as long as she could and she died three days later. It seems inefficient, and this has been so stressful for me to make a decision, but George really thinks I need to go. I don't have a support system here, and I can't see George and the boys driving off back to Oregon without me. It would just be too hard. Too hard for me to see that.

So, we go either tomorrow or the day after. What a journey this November has been for me. I think it will take some time to recover from it all.

Old Herbaceous

This was a sweet story about a gardener in England from the time he was a boy to an old man. It made me cry it was so short and sweet.  Here...