Friday, February 27, 2015

RIP Leonard Nimoy: His last Tweet

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tuesday Freewrite

I have not done one of these in a very long time. So, I am watching the clock and typing non-stop for fifteen minutes. 

I think I needed the extra day to be mostly by myself. I was gone from Wednesday to Sunday on a snowshoe/cross-country ski trip to Idaho with Debbie, and her husband Ralph. It was beautiful at a Yurt 7600 feet up and above a cute little lodge out of Ketchum called Galena. We drove all day on Wednesday through the beautiful Columbia Gorge and Eastern Oregon. I love that drive. It never gets old, and I have not done it for a few years (2011 was the last time). Thursday we packed up and headed to Galena Lodge. It took most of the day. We had two sleds and two backpacks and went up to the "Star's Perch" Yurt. It holds eight people, but there were only four of us. We slept pretty well except the middle of the night potty breaks which Debbie made hilariously funny.  We ate well too (Soup and rolls on Thursday night).  On Friday we got up and went to a trail that led to Alturas Lake (four miles in and four miles out). George snowshoed, and I cross-country skied in. Pretty good for me since I had not done it for 29 years other than around the neighborhood. I only fell three times, and that was more trying to go up an icy hill twice. By the end of the time, I was not falling down trying to go up hills. If it was too steep up or down, I just took off my skis and walked! LOL! I burned 3717 calories that day, only one calorie less than my record going downhill while backpacking with Debbie last time I was in Idaho. It was less of a calorie burn because my total time last Friday was over six hours whereas the backpacking was only about four hours. 

What is so great is that I was not even sore doing an exercise I have not done in so many years, and this shows me that I am in good overall shape. It has helped to do Pilates and a little bit of weight-lifting. I just had a little pain at the inside of my left leg, and my massage therapist thinks that maybe something got a bit out of join from falling.

Speaking of my massage therapist. Today was my last time with Jennifer. She is having a baby and then moving to New York. I cried. She gave me a hug. I should have brought her a baby gift, but I did not get around to it.

I was supposed to meet with two girls today, but I woke up with a sore throat, and I did not want to get them sick. I think it was allergies though because I feel pretty good now, but I do not think it a bad idea to give myself two days of mostly time alone after those days of intense time with people. I love my "I" time, and if I overload myself with people, I do get sick! I love people (High "F"), but I have to limit the amount of time I spend with them. 

I am also almost done with the editing and transferring to Word of the Bible Book Club! I am in Titus 1, and I estimate I have about 24 more hours of editing to do, and I will be done! That is almost every day for the last 7 years and 2 months! What a valuable thing. I have loved every single minute and have never regretted my decision to go through the whole Bible a chapter at a time: reading, giving background, reflecting, applying, and responding in prayer. It is my magnum opus! 

Well, now I am watching the news. I am trying to catch up with it all. I love my life. I love my family. Paul is sick, and I am taking him to his midterm at 8:30 pm because the buses do not run that late. I feel so bad for him being sick and being in the middle of midterms. Poor guy. 

Well, I think it has been at least 15 minutes. Bye!

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