Sunday, May 31, 2020

Resurrection Poem by Ronald Rolheiser

What is most precious in us ends up in a tomb- a dream crucified, a Christ entombed, a 
winter set in, a human being frozen over. 

Before being buried in our graves, we are largely buried in our lives. 

Mainly because of this, we begin to sin. 

Our infidelities, our lack of gratitude, our propensity to misunderstand and to hurt each other occur mostly because what’s best in us – the image of God – lies frozen, assets we cannot touch. 

Our poverty and bitterness come from that. 

And so we begin to settle for second best, we make do. A life without enthusiasm, without fire, with passion quieted, with joy frozen. 

We accept our limits. “This is the way I am, this is the way things are, this is the way it will always be!” 

So we live on, far from fully alive, the Christ in us lying in the tomb, what’s most precious in us frozen under bitterness. 

The challenge of Easter is to resurrect daily, to leave behind us a string of empty tombs, to let our lives radiate so that in the end, everything is good, reality can be trusted, love triumphs over apathy and hatred, togetherness over loneliness, peace over chaos, and forgiveness over bitterness. 

We need regular resurrection. 

Spring is the season to let ourselves be unthawed, to think young again, to give the child in us scope again, to be open again to new possibilities. 

- Ronald Rolheiser 

Friday, May 29, 2020

18. Diary of a Country Priest

63672. sy475
"Does it matter?
Grace is ...everywhere." 

This book was on my 1000 Book to Read Before You Die list, and it was also in one of the books, Spiritual Direction: A Practical Introduction by Sue Pickering, but I am at a loss for where in the book I read about it. (Her book is excellent, by the way. I highly recommend it.) 

A young, struggling priest in a small French village finds a deeper experience of God through life's biggest challenges. I just felt such compassion and love for this man. At first, I thought it was boring, but there is a beauty to it that eventually drew me in. 

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Freewrite for My City

Today I am praying for my city. "Seek God for the welfare of the city." I meditated in John 17. So I am praying for oneness and unity. 

I sat out on my deck (outdoor office) and was reminded of coming to live here 42 years ago in September. This is a special place. It is where I truly found you, God. I was surrounded by people who loved you (and people who pretended to love you to manipulate me, but I learned that early on and said, "BYE BYE" to one particular person), and I grew. I am praying that you make the believers one, but I also pray that you make us a mighty grove of oak trees.
They will be called oaks of righteousness, 
a planting of the LORD
for the display of his splendor. (Isaiah 61:3)  
I keep seeing the spring flowers pop up in all their glory, only to come back a few days later to see them wither and die. Yet, the mighty oaks of Corvallis have stood strong for hundreds of years. So, I say, "Yes, Lord! We want to see the body of Christ grow into a mighty grove of oak trees, not just oak trees standing alone either."  I pray it will be so. I pray we go "deeper still" into the soils of your love, extending roots deep rather than just be spring flowers who pop up and are gone tomorrow. 

I in them and You in Me, in order that they may become one and perfectly united, that the world may know and [definitely] recognize that You sent Me, and that You have loved them [even] as You have loved Me. (John 17:23, AMP)

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

The NEW Blogger Freewrite

If you want to learn more about Freewriting, visit my friend Julie's website: 

After years of the old blogger interface, they have changed it. So I am trying a new freewrite on the NEW blogger. So far, I cannot get it to do the larger print, but I will figure it out. I always do. It was getting a bit out of date anyway. So here goes with my freewrite in small font (so far).

Fifteen minutes, starting now. That is what Alexa tells me when I do these freewrites. I used to have an online timer, but this is easier. 

I have already had two walks today before 9 am. I have the whole day reserved for writing copy for the website I am developing. I have so much information over the years that I want to share with others. So I have a website. I will still use this blogger (there is no way I could transfer over 2100+ posts here and the many more on the Bible Book Club, Project365, and Gospel Harmony Book Club). I will still do my book reviews here. It is a whole other adventure altogether to have my own blog with my own domain name. I feel so grown up. LOL!

I finished editing the 18th Annotation guidebook for the Exercises on Sunday. I probably didn't need to work so hard over the Memorial Day Weekend, but I don't know if it is working hard when it is something that I love. I really do love it. I just want the Exercises to go out into the world. There is an EXPLOSION of people doing the Exercises now. I keep hearing from a new person who is doing them or is giving them, and I think that is just great! I will recommend people to do them with certain people as I get to know them. It is so good to spread it around. Fran has sent two people to me and another director to me who wants to put me on their list of people offering direction and the Exercises. It is not Fran's thing to lead people through, and she knows her niche, and that is training other directors, and I think that is a really good place for her to be. I would love her to supervise me, but I sure loved Sandy and Marty Boller as a team. They were the bomb. They are the perfect blend of kindness and humility with keeping us on track and intentional. I really loved my two years with them, and I know they will be friends for many years to come. (They would be so fun to go on a cruise with too. I just visualize us on a cruise with them. Isn't that weird?) 

Anywho, I finished that project and finally led my "Reformer on the Mat" class with these online students, and I cheated! I found a video for $10 on my training website, and this woman was so clear and good, and it fits right in the time frame of my class! So, I did it for myself on Monday and then I did it WITH my students on Tuesday. They liked it. I will learn how to teach it for my in-person classes as I do her video over the summer. It should be great. 

I also want to develop some Praise Pilates classes and put them on my new website. I just would love to see people find freedom of movement in their bodies as well as their souls! They are so intertwined, and I have dreamed of leading these kinds of classes during the summer since I was trained in 2015! Pietra Fitness comes as close to that model. I love their philosophy, and I wish they would do training with me, but I am not a Catholic. I had a lovely talk with their founder. She was so sweet and on a similar journey to me in the soul and body area. Her supervising priest won't let them admit non-Catholics, but on my walk today, I prayed that they would open it up for people like me. (Hey, I am almost a Jesuit - minus the praying to Mary.) 

Anywho, I am going to do "copy" writing all day today, and I hope to get it done. I asked three of my directees from the last year to write a little testimonial for me for my website. 

I am so excited about this website. The person I hired has a beautiful website themselves, and I just wanted to bless her too. I love beauty, and I have never regretted paying for beauty! That is part of what our trips for ourselves have been since 2014. Beauty trips. The memories of vineyards on hills overlooking the Rhine both in the Spring (May 2014) and Fall (November 2019 - totally different experience) are so vivid in my mind. Beauty. Oh, I want to put the picture of the narrow walkway down Philosophers Walk in Heidelburg, Germany on my new blog! (Why doesn't Rick Steves like Heidelburg?) 

I think my time is coming to a close. There it is. I just know the length of 15 minutes, don't I?

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Sunday Sixteen Freewrite

I am going to just freewrite as I listen to Pray as You Go (PAYGO) for today. 

"Seek the Lord and be strengthened. Seek his face always." This was the verse God gave me on January 24, 1992. The day I became a mother. That was my parenting verse, and I just love being a parent, especially because we really like each other as adults. Last night, I saw God in our family as we went out to dinner, and the waitress kept commenting, "You are all so happy." I think she liked being treated so well (even when she made a huge mistake on our bill.) Yes, we like being around each other. After dinner, we went for a 2/3 mile walk on the boardwalk over Jackson-Frazier Wetland. (Nature + my favorite people + sun shining = BLISS) Of course, it took WAY longer than if I were to do it alone because those kids have just been influenced so much by their father, stopping to see every bird and insect. I should have known when Paul wanted to get the binoculars out of the back of the car. I don't mine. Their "lollygagging," affectionately given by me to their father, warms my heart. 


God's spirit rests on us, and it is a spirit of glory.

"The glory of God is a human being fully alive" (So funny that Dale quoted that at the end of Enneagram training last Friday and then Maureen emailed me to ask me for the quote - I want this quote on my new website.)

How alive do I feel right now? VERY (Love this music on the app right now, they have used it several times, and I use it for my Pilates classes.) 

I do feel FULLY ALIVE. 

Not difficult to feel this way in these days of restricted movement. Yes, PAYG, the slowing down is GOOD for us. George and I were commenting on that while we were having an Examen prayer time together on our deck in the evening twilight. (Simple pleasures are the best.) Not happy for the pandemic, but it has only been WIN-WIN for us. It just breaks our hearts that it is not for others. 

If you are reviled for the name of Christ, you are blessed.

Jesus is alive within me and within the world. What do I want to say about suffering with him?

Well, I suffer with those who are suffering because I really have had my share. I think about those in pain: emotionally and physically. Suicides in the lockdown as much as a YEARLY average in California. YIKES. How can hope be brought in to homes?

Pray as You Go is over. 

I also prayed for the city this morning from 6:30-7:00. This is the closing verse for my prayer slot:

"Seek peace and well-being for the city where I have sent you into exile, and pray to the LORD on its behalf; for in its peace (well-being) you will have peace."

So that is what our group is doing. It has been nice. I thought I was to do it every day, but then George showed me that there were tabs on the Google Doc - duh. So someone had taken the one on Monday for that time (which is ideal because I am over with my personal prayer time by 6:30 am and have not started any work yet). 

There is more I could say but it IS time to start on a project I have been working on this weekend. By the way, yesterday I did something DUMB in my Word document, and I started to panic because I had sent out the "final" copy to several people! ACK! I have no idea how it happened but some of my links were really incorrect (part of it was that the information on the website that it is linked to was also incorrect). So I had to correct it, and it is tedious work that I am not really good at. So that was sort of frustrating, but I was fine by the time we went out to dinner, and I decided that it was OK to extend my deadline to TODAY instead of yesterday. I was putting TOO MUCH PRESSURE on myself for a deadline that I imposed on myself. My 1 and 3 wings were both coming out in a very UNHEALTHY way at that moment. So, a la Wisdom of the Enneagram and the wonderful teaching of Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson, I "caught myself in the act," made my apologies to George, and let it go. :) (Growth is grand.) 

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Tuesday Freewrite

Today was the first day of a summer prayer initiative called 24/7 Corvallis. I have always dreamed of 24/7 prayer for our city, and I was re-inspired when I saw the people who did the UK Blessings had a 24/7 prayer for London (or maybe it was all of the UK). I am just glad that I did not have to head it up! Someone else was inspired, or a group of people from The Hive were inspired and invited me to come along. So I took the 6-6:30 am sport since I know most people don't like to get up that early. I woke up at 5:11 am and was able to get my prayer time in from the "Inner Peace in Darkness and Light" Retreat in The First Spiritual Exercises. Jeannette from SEEL PDX is heading up four 25 day guided retreats through this book.

So today was the Valley of Dry Bones in Ezekiel. The imaginative contemplation was imagining myself being commanded by God to prophesy. It was pretty powerful. The line of spiritual direction in the book was about my own dry bones, but I don't think it was speaking to my dry bones because I feel the sinew and muscles and breath of life coming through me. It is not a dry time of my life. It is one overflowing. It is a gift of God's grace. But I felt called to prophesy over a group that I am in. Can you LORD make something out of this field of dry bones? YES. So I prophesied with hope. I was so discouraged two meetings ago, but then I read Life without Lack by Dallas Willard, and he encouraged a day with God in everyday life. (So Ignatian.) So I walked with him through the morning with this group a few days later, and God gave me eyes to see with his eyes. It was good. I really felt like leaving before reading about this day with God because of the darkness of that group. 

So after my prayer time for this group, it was my time to pray for my city, and I prayed Ezekiel 37 and Valley of Dry Bones. This time I meditated in The Amplified Bible, and it said that the Valley of Dry Bones was in the "midst of the valley." Well, my city, Corvallis, is in the midst of the Willamette Valley. The name, Corvallis, in Latin means "heart of the valley"! So it was good to pray for my city in this way. If was a prophecy over it. 

After this, I took a nice walk and listened to Pray as You Go. After this freewrite, I will put some time into my 18th Annotation adaptation of my Exercises for Everyone manual. Oh, speaking of that, Fran referred TWO women to me to go through the Exercises! I am talking to one tomorrow morning, and I have not heard back from the other one. I am so excited, and this is an answer to prayer to gain more experience taking people through the Exercises. I am still praying about sending it to Tony, but I will have to pray that God provides his email address to me to send it. 

I also got a big goal done yesterday. I was able to go through ALL the modules for the Boise Spiritual Direction Cohort and put handouts I will use with my directees in a folder on my desktop and also printed up in a notebook that will go right next to my spiritual direction chair. I had started the process of doing the physical papers the evening before. I got that notebook with all my readings and information from the class in a notebook too. But the actual going through each file in each module and printing off pertinent ones took me from 2:30-10:30 last night! Eight hours! It did do some editing of some of the handouts to make them for a directed versus for people who are training to be directors. I also added some attributions because some of the handouts were lifted directly from books but not attributed. I think this is very important to do. I also edited some of the Enneagram stuff because whoever wrote them does NOT understand the Types and the Instinctual Variants and gets them all mixed up (something that I wrote in my evaluation of the School of Spiritual Direction where I think their teaching on the Enneagram is the weakest part of their program - but not with Marty and Sandy because they have the humility to admit they are not experts, and I appreciate that so much about them). I also had to reformat a very GOOD handout on the Enneagram. That took some time. 

Well, my timer went off a while ago, but I wanted to finish my paragraph about the big goal I was able to finish yesterday. Today is two Pilates classes with weights. After that, I will continue with my 18th annotation editing. This summer is going to be going through every room of the house and decluttering and deep cleaning. I will also get all my photo books and photo albums caught up!


Sunday, May 17, 2020

17. Pigs Have Wings


This was delightful to listen to while in a Coronavirus Lockdown! It is silly and clever. This is my first P.G. Wodehouse but I don't think it will be my last. I laughed out loud so many times.

It has to do with two pigs and a bunch of upper-class people, and their silly lives. 

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Thursday Later Freewrite

WooHoo! I just learned something huge about myself. I am a RELATIONAL Pilates instructor. 

Well, I already knew I was relational, but I just cannot tell you how LIFE-GIVING my Pilates class was this Thursday. It was because I had everyone turn on their camera, and I JUST watched them. I just named the name of the exercise and had them do it. I got to watch them and give them encouragement and feedback about what they were doing. It was so rewarding to watch them move and see that most of them really do GET IT! That just fills my heart. 

So learned that I cannot continue to teach remotely. Maybe I won't mind doing a bunch of preformed Pilates videos someday to have online, but I like the face-to-face. It has been so draining for me, and the part I have liked it when they all come in, and I talk to them. That is what I love about my in-person classes is getting to know them. 

So there you go! 

What is also life-giving to me is that Benton County is opening up for Phase I tomorrow. What I didn't realize is that retail businesses were not required to close! Who knew? Oregon gave them the option to stay open, and most of them decided to close. 

Tomorrow, salons and spas can open if they screen clients, have no drop-ins and only scheduled appointments, keep a record of clients, and maintain physical distance between customers. 

Gyms can open if people are at least 6 feet apart, close showers and pools, and follow cleaning protocols. 

Gatherings of up to 25 people can happen!

Restaurants and bars can open if people wear face masks, practice physical distancing, and close by 10 pm. I think our governor said that you cannot have groups of 10 or more. So WOOHOO! We are opening up!

So that was life-giving. 

The next life-giving thing was that Fran has people who might want to go through the Spiritual Exercises with me! So we are going to talk at 1 pm about it. 

It is also life-giving to be all caught up with my class and attendance. Now, I just need to decide about doing my continuing education online versus waiting until I can do it with Marie. 

Also, life-giving was "Prayer on my Dossier" in the Choosing Christ in the World by Tetlow. It was a good way to go through my life history. So that was really fun. 

So far, the only deadening thing was answering a text during my prayer time and then getting bogged down in researching stuff so I could answer the text. It involved scheduling a meeting, and I just had not nailed down my schedule for next week (because I don't know if I will go to the LIVE Continuing Education conference for Power Pilates.

So that is my day so far. I don't know why I feel like writing. 

I have 3 minutes on my timer, but I am done! 

Thursday Thirteen Freewrite

My timer is set for thirteen minutes and counting.

Yesterday ended up being quite busy. I slept in until 6:15. I had some prayer and then some reading of Life without Lack because I was leading a discussion, and I needed to review the book. It was a much better read the second time around with the trusty study guide provided by the Renovare Book Club. Their study guides are usually so good. Then I straightened up the house for Valentina and Pieter. 

At 7:30, Elizabeth and I ZOOMED for one hour and fifteen minutes. It was life-giving. I love that woman, and we are going to start meeting regularly again. She was out and about so much for the last year that we did not have a regular time. 

After this, Valentina and Pieter came, but I hid in my spiritual direction and read more of Life without Lack and answered the study guide questions. Getting through all of this took me up to 1:00 pm. It was good to focus just on this for most of the morning. 

Then at 1:30, I led a 1 1/2 hour ZOOM discussion on the book and our own spiritual formation. They are a lovely group of five other women, and I feel privileged to be with them every other month. But this was our last book for this year. It was a great discussion. 

Then I had a little bit of a break to eat my lunch (late) and so two more thing on my list: mail the gift card to April and Gene and contact Teala. I also put away some of the many books that have strewn all over the house after Enneagram and Spiritual Direction training and leading the Living in Sacred Balance leadership class that I taught in April. I still have quite a pile, but it is now all in one chair in my direction room. 

Then, then I listened to the Webinar with the two people that led the entire group through this book. But I was able to listen and also work on the handout for my Pilates classes today. I am giving them the list of the exercises with all the REPS and having them do it on their own so they can see if they remember how to do it without me telling them what the next exercise is. :) 

Then at 5:00 pm, I went to the Manresa retreat, day four. It was a talk on the Paschal Journey of Jesus. Then we were separated into groups where we talked about our own Paschal Journey for 20 minutes and seven people, but it worked! 

Then I RESTED. During one of the short breaks, I wrote the person who had contributed to my deadening day on Monday and told them that they might have misunderstood me and that I was sorry for not communicating better. I got such a sweet letter back! So that was nice. Monday was so great until that, but I worked through all my feelings in my Examen prayer time. That was so healthy for me. So it was two days before I was able to gently responded. George and I talked a lot about it too. 

Well, there is the timer going off. TTFN! 

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Tuesday Morning Freewrite

Well, yesterday was very productive. I had a very long list of things to do (read yesterday's freewrite), and I was able to get through half of them and enjoy the productivity. I was still a bit tired from all the activity of Saturday. It was so fulfilling, and I was not tired as I was doing it, but I think I am now. It is a "good kind of tired" though. I was so blessed to be with people from around the world whom I love with all my heart. 

I was OK until some things that happened in the evening. I just was disturbed by it. George and I debriefed about it this morning as he overheard some of it. I have to just let it go. George said last night as we were going to bed, "It sounds like there were some deadening things that happened for you during that." It was deadening. So I can just let it go and move on. I could go to a morose Type Four and feel like I do not fit in, and I am different. Or I can go into that inner room of Type Four with God and get his perspective. 

The UK Blessing video really lifted me higher. I love hearing my brothers and sisters in Christ bless their nation. Now that is life-giving for me. It was much how I felt at the conclusion of our 12-hour prayer vigil on Saturday. Is this what heaven will be like? And by golly, there is a HEAVEN! I tasted its sweetness with our 12th hour of prayer with people from all over the world gathering.

So, I sit here now trying to figure out what I can do to offer variety to my Pilates students when I am so relying on music and props to make my class exciting. I cannot do Bender Balls. I cannot do Swiss/Fit Balls. I cannot do ROLLERS very easily. So, I think today has got to be a Disney Day! It will lift people up and me too.

After that, I will finish up my Enneagram Typing questions which are the last big assignment that I have with this class. I am able to miss one more class and still get my certificate, but if I miss it, it usually means a ton of homework that I have to submit that is far more than just going to the last four-hour class. So I will just go. I have 24 days of this class and 23 more days of teaching Pilates. So it is just a little more than three weeks! So let's do this! 

George says his "LOCKDOWN HIGH" has been being home and going for walks together, and I have to agree.  His "LOCKDOWN LOW" was getting yelled at by his boss on the phone. I think my LOCKDOWN LOW might have been last night, getting offline and just being sickened by a joke that was made that was so out of line. So terrible. That and getting chastised in front of everyone. Not cool. If you are going to chastise, you do it privately. That is appropriate. Sometimes, I think that person does not get me, at all. I am still working through those deadening feelings obviously!

I did have some great interaction with my Spiritual Direction trainers. They are such good, humble leaders, and I am happy to be on their website. I also had a good time writing out affirmations for all my cohort members in the Boise Cohort. Really, the whole day was great until the evening. I even liked the Ignatian Manresa Retreat even if the breakout rooms did not work for most of the participants. Actually, it was great afterward as we watched Belgravia!

I also had such sweet memories of Saturday. I guess the contrast between that sweet ZOOM meeting and last night made me realize some things. Life in the Kingdom is so sweet! 

Monday, May 11, 2020

Monday Morning Freewrite

I have a fairly free day today. I am recovered from our prayer vigil. So today will be a workday with all the different things I have "in the fire." What are the things that I need to do this week:

1) Develop Typing interview questions for the 9 Types and 3 Instinctual Variants within each type 
2) Clarify when I am to start The First Spiritual Exercises retreat.
3) Contact J about our meeting over the phone this week.
4) Call Teala. I totally could not get back to her last week because I was so busy with the PUMP party. 
5) Affirmations on BOX
6) Pray for Eunice (it is her day of the month)
7) Listen to Pigs Have Wings and Walk
8) Refile and download all pertinent things from BOX as a final thing to do for the SD Training.
9) Put books away that I am no longer looking to because SD Training is over.
10) Mail the card to G and A.
11) Manresa Retreat 5 pm
12) Type 8 Panel for Enneagram certification 6:30 pm
13) 18th Annotation Editing
14) Get my Website Up and running. 
15) Apply to be on Marty and Sandy's website (there is a form somewhere on my computer for this.
16) Read Life without Lack before Wednesday and look at the study guide things for it. 
17) Get Advance Pilate Playlist ready for my P2 students for tomorrow.
18) Prayer and Praise Pilates for me! 

I am sure there is more, but that is all for now. :) 

I was able to have a really good night of sleep! I woke up at 3am after the PUMP, and I don't know why. So I needed to catch up on my sleep Sunday-Monday. It was so great to wake up to GEORGE'S alarm! That rarely happens. 

There is so much that is so good going on. I am really content. 

I am also going to stick back to my eating plan. I went off the rails for a few days, but I am back in the swing of things. It gets like this when I am busy. I have some mindless eating days, but I am focused on projects. Today. Oh, and tomorrow for Pilates II I will have them watch the addition Advanced Exercises, and we will add them as time allows. I have one student having ACL surgery. So I am needing to check in with her to make sure she will be doing the extra credit and also the last three classes. That will give her 2 1/2 weeks for recovery. This is just a little added thing to my job. 

This summer, I would love to develop a Prayer and Praise Pilates class. That has been my desire ever since I started teaching five years ago. 

I am sure there is more I need to do this week, but that is a very good running list for now. I need to FOCUS! :) 

Oh, time with God was so good this morning. I meditated ONCE AGAIN on Ps 139, but I loved how it was in The Message version. Some of the wording was different, and it was nice to dialogue with God about this. 

Should I have a separate listening journal for my First Exercises Retreat with Jeannette of SEEL PDX? I am really happy and excited about that. Amy is doing it too, and she was in my orientation meeting last night. I am excited to go on this journey with her as well. 

I think my time is going down. There it is! TTFN. Happy Monday! 


Sunday, May 10, 2020

Mother's Day Morning Freewrite

I cannot believe I have not written a freewrite in almost a week. What a week though. I think I was pretty busy and probably put a lot more time into planning the PUMP Party than I thought! 

We spent 12 hours praying for the world, and we really did have a party! It was so fun because I recruited different people for each prayer hour. It was awesome. I will have to look to see how many people we had for each session. For each section, it was 9-18. We started out with only four in the morning for the worship, but that is not unusual. We ended the worship time with more though. The biggest session was the last for North Africa, but that was because five workers for those places came along with E. She is the universal people gatherer! And what was nice was that many of them stayed for the final 15 minutes of worship and praise. Of course, I cried. This was our sixth one, and it might be my favorite. I loved the fact that I could get up and walk around during the time. When we do it in the Upper Room, there is nowhere to go really. And nowhere to sit comfortably. I also liked that people could share maps and pictures and such. The only thing that was more awkward was worship, but I just got up and danced around to worship. We tried a couple of times singing together, but it did not work as there was echoing and timing issues. All in all, it was a great time.

I start a "First Exercises" retreat with SEEL PDX tonight. That should be very fun. Then I will do a retreat with Manresa for four nights, Monday-Thursday. I also have my Type 8 panel for Enneagram class on Monday. I have to get an assignment in on Tuesday. Oh, I am also meeting with one of the HOME moms sometime on Monday. After my assignment is in. I have a Typing Interview class on Friday for Enneagram. After that, I have only six more classes for Pilates OSU and one more class of Enneagram. Then, I believe all my obligations for the school year are over. 

So I have a freer summer. Last summer I had a freer one, and I was great guns on home projects, but then I broke my leg. So I couldn't get around cleaning and scrubbing. So hopefully I will get some of my projects around the house done. I think I will also adapt my 19th annotation manual to the 18th annotation too. I didn't particularly like how I did it with M this year, but I just didn't have the time to put all that work to adapt it. As it was, it took me three hours each time we met until I decided it was too much for her. Then I really paired it down so it was more manageable for her for the last three times we met.  

But the PUMParty is done for another year. It was one of my favorites. It really was.

Well, I have forty seconds. So I will sign off.

Happy Mother's Day to me! 

Monday, May 04, 2020

Monday Morning Freewrite

Well that happened. I am exhausted this Monday morning. And thankfully, other than one Spiritual Direction appointment at 1 pm, I am free for the day. I slept in until almost 7 am this morning. That is so unusual for me. But, my boys made a lot of noise in the early morning hours on Sunday. So I did not get a very good sleep that night. So I am making up for it. I think I fell asleep at 9pm!

I am listening to A Quiet Knowing by Jeff Johnson. So peaceful. I am at peace. I think that I will know how much went into the last year and nine months now that I am finished with one of my major "Big Hairy Audacious Goals" (BHAG) to go through a Spiritual Direction Certification course. I did the School of Sustainable Faith and was led through it by Sandy and Marty Boller. I cannot vouch for the rest of the trainers (except my spiritual director Fran Love, who is the bomb), but Marty and Sandy were excellent! So I heartily recommend this; but like I said, I think I will realize how much it was to go to Boise every other month. My investment was twice as much because it was two days of training and two days of travel. I am very happy I did it, and the drive to Boise is so lovely. I did like having the last module here in my home and via ZOOM. That made everything half the time commitment, and I could go and walk in my lovely neighborhood on the breaks (not much selection in walking in the neighborhood in Boise). All in all, I am very happy I did, even though I think I have been doing it for quite a while, it is nice to have confirmation that this is what I have been and should be doing for my life. :) 

I was in a bit of shock yesterday. Did it really just happen? Am I really done? I set up my bio for the ESDA - Evangelical Spiritual Directors Association.  I had already set up my bio for the Spiritual Directors International. That is an interesting group because they are not only Christians. I also figured out how to do online scheduling. I included my Personal Training and Pilates on there too and called it Body and Soul Companion. That about says it! The next step is the website. I might have to use a template because hiring someone is really spendy. 

I also finished my second edit of the Exercises for Everyone. I think I am ready to give a link to everyone, or maybe I will go through it just one more time for typos. I am just not good at spotting typos. My problem with reading through is that I keep trying to change it too. LOL! I have a dream of taking a group through these. I have three people in mind. Just four of us, meeting one time a month. I am always looking for connection with others. That is how I know I am a Type Two on the Enneagram. LOL! 

Speaking of the Enneagram. All my coursework is done. My Type Five paper (in collaboration with another member of the class) was sent out to others, and they liked it. On Monday the 11th, my Type Eight paper will go out with a panel discussion. Then I have a Typing Interviews class on the 15th for four hours. The professional and practical applications four-hour class on June 5th. That means only 10.25 hours left! This has been plenty for me, and other than wanting so badly to just get certified through the Enneagram Institute (really expensive and in New York), I am done with my training. This was really thorough, and I feel really confident to be able to teach on it and also to help people discover how they can grow with this tool. That is all it is, a tool. 

That will be done the day after I am done with my Pilates online experiment. It has been more draining than life-giving for me, but I have learned so much. So I am grateful. 

The summer looks like just subbing for Timberhill and G3 (if they ever reopen). In the summer, I would love to set up my online Prayer Pilates! I have a vision for this, but I would love to have someone do the technical film and sound stuff! 

Oh yes, there is the prayer party on Friday. It has come together quite well. We will see how it goes. I think this could be the last one. I love it, but it might be the end of this era. I hold it with an open hand. This is our sixth time. We just have 2 1/2 more hours of slots to fill. So we are doing really well. 

Well, there is my timer. On to my discernment prayer time (Finding God in Each Moment: The Practice of Discernment in Everyday Life). 


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