Tuesday Freewrite - Matthew 3:31-35

I will freewrite as I listen to the Pray as You Goreading for today.

Matthew 3:31-35 

"Find Rest" by Salt of the Sound

Find peace in hope and don't let go. Find rest my soul. 

Whoever does the will of God is my brother and sister and mother.

Why were they trying to speak to him? Imagine yourself as one of the crowd. What does it feel like? Well, why isn't he acknowledging his family? 

How do you feel as one of his family? Perplexed. Why wouldn't he acknowledge us? We are a family. 

Whoever does the will of God is my brother and sister and mother.

That is the key phrase for me. I have done a lot of contemplating about what family really is. Cammie called is "soul family." We have such a rich "soul family," and we are loved and cherished by them. They are a bunch that seeks God with their whole heart. I feel so blessed to have a family like this.

4. Mrs. Wilson TV Mini-Series

This is based on a true story about an agent who lived a double life. What makes this series so fascinating is that the actress who plays Mrs. Wilson is her real-life granddaughter! 

This is a great series. I cannot believe I just discovered it on my ROKU PBS Channel.

3. Sanditon TV Series

George and I binged watched this (because we have PBS Passport). I thought it was well-done. The acting was wonderful with an intriguing storyline. On top of all that, who doesn't want to see Mr. Pamuk as a leading man? I hear that ITV in Great Britain canceled it because it did not get the desired audience, but there are rumors that it might go if the Americans like it.

So here are two Americans who loved it. Also, I don't know if it ended the way Austen would have ended it had she lived to finish the book. So, let's see more.

Monday Freewrite

I think this library wi-fi is faster than our home wi-fi. I think it is time to maybe see if there might be something wrong. I thought it was my computer, but it is pretty fast right now at the Hillsboro Library.
I rode up with George this morning because we are going to our class tonight that starts at 6:30. We will go on a date for lunch in about 1 1/2 hours. I took a walk around Dawson Creek and then went into a study room for preparing for the Boise Cohort in March. Now, the main library is open, and I am sitting comfortably next to a big window overlooking the duck pond. It is an ideal place. 
I just have a few more questions to answer for my Type 8 Study Sheet. So, I plan on doing a lot of reading today. I think I will also review some movies/series on this blog. Or not. I am tired. It ended up being a somewhat full weekend.
I am reading A Gentleman in Moscow. It is a fictional look at the changes that were the result of the Bolshevik Revolution. I am up to the 30s and the changes …

Sunday Freewrite

It is the third Sunday in Ordinary Time. 

Two or Three Things You are Grateful For:

1) Jack and Wayne's 60th Birthday Party - It was lovely to go and to think I am known them for 40 years. We were able to sit down and have a good talk with both of them during the party. 

2) Time with family for Michael's birthday. They are truly my favorite people. 

Review of Day from Start to Finish:

Getting Up - Finished up time in my Belovedness. I had a deep time presenting my "paralytic" before Jesus.

Morning - We drove up to Portland for the party. I read Falling Upward Introduction to George, and we talked about it. I am still not blown away by this book, reading it the second time with Michelle, but the discussion with George was good.

Lunchtime - Portland Party. It is a blow away to see what good friends they are and for so long. They are very different, but as we talked I realized they are part of the same 

Afternoon - We rode home, and I read another chapter. Then we had a bit of …

Saturday Freewrite

Yesterday was grand. I realized I did not have a lot of things on my plate. After a wonderful time meditating in my belovedness in Ephesians 2:4-10 and presenting my "paralytic" person before Jesus (application from our DBS the night before), I had a Skype time with Elizabeth for 1 1/2 hours. She is doing well. Nice things are happening in her ministry, and she has Ann to partner with. She is a happy camper, and that makes me happy. She invited me to raft the Colorado River this summer, and I just might do that! One fun is that she had just done Ignatian Contemplation on the paralytic just like our Missional Community had the night before!

Then, I went for a nice walk and listened to A Gentleman in Moscow. It is slow-going, but I am enjoying it. The sun was even peeking out from behind the clouds. 

After this, I worked on my Type 8 Study Sheet. I know I am not meeting with Jules until March 10th to discuss this Study Sheet, but I have some time right now. So, I am just going f…

Friday Examen

Reviewing yesterday

Two or Three Things I am Grateful for . . . 

1) Pilates teaching - life-giving and fun
2) Missional Community - Sitting with people I love, looking more deeply at Jesus healing the paralytic, praying, and talking. 

Review of the Day from the Start to Finish (Notice where God has been and where you turned away from God)

Rising - Calm. Time in Romans 8. No condemnation. 
Morning - Rode bike - no rain - peaceful ride - pleasurable teaching of two classes. Nice students. I like this term so much. 
Mid-Day - Pedaled to Calvin Presbyterian. Lunch at the Dizzy Hen with Wendy. LIFE-GIVING deeper talk. She asked me lots of questions. I love her! 
Afternoon- Pedaled from Calvin to visit with Karina (Jude and Isobel) for a couple of hours. 
Evening - Pedaled home and rested for 2 1/2 hours before MC. I rested, and that was good. Watched a bit of news. Missional Community was seven of us. So good to connect with others in the word. It is LIFE-GIVING to have a deeper talk. I loved that …

Thursday Thirteen Freewrite

Setting my timer for 13 minutes starting now. 

I am still in the "Baptism and Belovedness" week of the Exercises. It has been a deep soak in my Belovedness that I have extended since I am a bit ahead of schedule. (One of the people I am encouraging is still at the Two Standards meditation. The other is about a week behind me. The other is just starting. The last is giving up because she is traveling so much.)

This morning was a soak in Romans 8. That and Ephesians 1 and John 15 and Psalm 27 are my favorite chapters. The main message of Romans 8 is that there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, that we overwhelmingly conquer through Him who loved us, that God causes all things to work together for good because I am predestined, called, justified, and glorified. Lastly, nothing will separate us from the LOVE of God in Christ Jesus.

I got a lot of condemnation. Even if it were true (which it was not - but that took me about a month to REALLY believe it was not tr…

Wednesday Evening Examen

I ask you to be with me. I am entering into your presence, God!

Two or Three Things from Today that I am grateful for:

1) Getting new glasses! My last ones fell in the lake five minutes before I broke my leg. It is so nice to go to an office with such lovely and joyful people too.
2) Delivering for Dial a Book and also getting errands done in the process.
3) An evening of calm and study.

Morning - Not rushed. Pretty calm. I slept in until 6:45. Must be fighting something for me to sleep so long, but I had plenty of time to soak in Belovedness verses. That was so life-giving. "Do not fear" of Isaiah 43. I am precious in your sight. You are with me. You make a way through the sea. Again the admonition "do not call to mind the former things or ponder things of the past. Behold I will do something new." LIFE-GIVING moments with God. 

Then Valentina and Peter came to clean. Yes, I can clean now since I am not homeschooling anymore, but they have become like family. So, it is …