Monday Morning Freewrite

I had written my FACED (Food, Academic/Attitude, Communion, Exercise, Daily Care of Self and Family) group asking them to pray for me because I had some stressors that would usually cause me to eat. Then they asked me how the day went, and I wrote them this "freewrite" and thought I would post. I took out some non-public things though:


I had woken up with stress realizing I had forgotten to take care of my son’s prescriptions on Friday when the doctor’s office was still open. (Why did I forget all day on Friday and Saturday? Because I was still sick with my cold, and I was just happy to have two totally free days to rest!) I decided to delegate finding this impossible to find painkiller to my husband, and they quit making it in 2014. So, he is going to call the doctor to tell him and not me (that was also stressing me out and things like that do not stress George out – really nothing stresses him out).

Then at 9:30 we taught Sunday School. We had an amazing morning testimony from a person in another country through FaceTime, but there were 3x more people in our class for the occasion so I was pretty exhausted  (still recovering from my cold and still an introvert). There were technical difficulties as the people were coming in the room.  I was stressed.

Afterward, I felt attacked and funny so I went to our prayer room at church.  I worshiped in song (there  is a speaker that pipes the service into the room) , but then God led me into some very sweet time with Him. I felt a bit of enemy agitation with the testimony, and I even texted the guy who gave his testimony and asked him to pray (He had texted to say thank you, and it was SO GREAT. I wish I could have recorded it. It is a very powerful story.), and he wrote out his powerful prayer by Messenger. Afterward, it led me to Psalm 46 and Psalm 91. In our Discovery Bible Studies in our ministry, we make “I will” statements at the end; what we will intentionally do as a result of our studying God’s word. Well, God has many “I will” statements, and He always follows through on them! Psalm 46 and 91 reiterated that for me. 

That took away my stress. Geo and Paul did all the shopping for me, and I went back to bed to rest and read The Boys in the Boat. Then, I picked up one of our TOAG grads for the Bridal Shower of another TOAG grad. It was a lovely shower. I had been a bit stressed because it was at my old church, and you never quite know what you are going to get with that group of people, but everyone from my old church (10 out of 35) was really nice.

I still had a graduation party and congregational meeting to go to, but I just had no energy left in my tank! So, we skipped the grad party and Geo represented for the congregational meeting, and I read and watched things about England on my ROKU.

During some of the stress I ate more than my three-four allotted squares of chocolate (I ate eight), but I stopped there. That was pretty good for me. I also took a walk once it cooled down. Not the best deficit day but still a deficit!

FIVE DAY STREAK! WOOHOO! (And recording on a busy day!)

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