20. The Message: Remix by Eugene H. Peterson

842746From 1981-85, I took my time and read through the Bible from cover to cover for the first time. I have read through it many times since then, but over the last nine years I have read through it in three year cycles. I am at the end of my third three year cycle. 

I write a blog called the Bible Book Club www.3yearbiblebookclub.blogspot.com that takes people through that three year cycle. I put it all in a word processor, and it ended up being 3500 pages! It was a BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) that was SO rewarding. I cannot even begin to tell you wonderful it has been. 

For study, I use a New American Standard Bible, but I do love to listen to the narrated version of this paraphrase by Eugene H. Peterson. Kelly Dolan Ryan does such a great job of narrating it too! 

I have read many books in my life, but the Bible is the BEST. :) 
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