Liberation Day Freewrite

Today is the 10 year anniversary of our liberation from a 28 year dysfunctional relationship (28 for me and less for my husband). 

I celebrate this day every year, but this year is special because it has been 10. That is a milestone. 

One of the best decisions we have ever made as a couple was to leave that toxic and dysfunctional situation. Systemic problems are no longer ours. 

I was going to take a celebration bike ride, but after I got out of my 10 am meeting with my boss, it was pouring down rain! So, I came back home to write this freewrite.

I am also celebrating the sabbatical that I have been on for one week now. :) It has been phenomenal. I see from my Facebook memory pictures that I took a two week sabbatical at the same time this year. I remember it being really refreshing, and I cannot help but think that a full sabbatical for four months (except a Bible storytelling class and prayer party) and a partial one (adding in our missional group the end of September) until the end of October would only be MORE refreshing. I am letting down and letting go. 

I already am pretty sure there are some things I will not be returning to, but I need to let the sabbatical run its course and make a decision farther along in the process. I think I will talk to Sister Joan about that aspect. It involves a Tuesday meeting I have every other week in the middle of my only free day in the week IF I want to be able to go up and see George on a regular basis or have flexibility in doing things that are life-giving to me (like fellowship and fun with people my own age). Adding the OSU Pilates classes has changed my life, and I think that, for the most part, they are life-giving to me. I love the interaction with the students. I love changing lives for posture and strength and flexibility. I am helping establish life-long habits. I love that. I love reading their papers. The only thing I do not like and the transition that I have to make with the instructor after me. My boss is totally supportive. I wonder if he would be supportive of that instructor transitioning to another room at that hour? We will have to see.

So, anyway. I think I have typed long enough. One more thing: I was afraid to do something today. I am so glad that I did. It was NO BIG DEAL when I did it. Do the next thing. Do the thing you fear. That is what I say for everyone. 

Also helps that we have had Paul's surgery which was a big ???? in our minds about how that would go, and it could not have gone better. We are on the other side of it. He came through, and now it is only 5 1/2 more weeks of him having his jaw wired shut! The time will fly by. We will be come excellent at making all meals liquid. He will learn to make them himself too. Fear about the unknown is a back burner stress. Now that it is gone, we feel so much better. We know that we can do this . . . as a family. So glad Michael did not get his internship to be home and supportive of Paul. Such a peach! Precious kids. They are just great. 

Well, also I met the new club manager: Amber. She is adorable, and I think we are going to get along just fine. She is 30 years old and spunky and nice. 

Well, I said I was going to go, and I will. I need to get back out when the sun comes back out. Must look at the rain radar. Spring days are always so unpredictable here in Oregon.

Rambling done. No proofreading. Probably many errors in spelling and grammar because I do not check there, their, they're but know what each of them means. Just sayin'. 
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