Facts and Figures Freewrite

I am an "S" on the Myers-Briggs personality type scale. So, I LOVE facts and figures as long as I can treat them with "personal warmth" because I am an SF (ST's treat them with cool objectivity).

So here are some fun things I evaluated after this latest weight course correction (gaining HALF the weight I lost in 2013 BACK with HALF of that HALF being between March 16 and June 1 of this year. I FORGOT to be disciplined. Seriously!]) 

So here are the facts and figures:

I investigated historical data based on 94% accurate BodyBugg (2008-2015) calorie burns and my  LoseIt! member weight data since 2010 (but I preferred BodyBugg because it had all my foods so I was inconsistent with LoseIt! until BodyBugg/Body Media shut down in December 2015 [probably another reason why I gained weight because the BodyBugg helped me make sure I burned the right amount of calories everyday!])

My average calorie burn over the BodyBugg years was 2400 calories.

When I calculated how much I have lost (4.6 lbs in 17 days) with my calories consumed data I have arrived at my average calorie burn the other way. Guess how much it is?


That is so REMARKABLY close to what it has been historically!

My average calories consumed over the last 17 days has been 1475.

Based on the 2422 average calorie burn,

If I get my average calories consumed down to 1300 (LoseIt! recommends 1384 and anything above 1200 is healthy.)

That will give me a daily deficit of 1122 (Based on 2422 burn – but I could increase since I am doing less low-calorie burn Pilates and more calorie burn biking, hiking, and walking now. I am also remembering to get back on my Treadmill desk - typing on it right now, in fact!)

And I will DEFINITELY reach my goal by the time I step on the plane!

So I am happy to see this is a S.M.A.R.T. goal (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely)! I was iffy because I gained more in the Spring than I had previously thought, but I am on track!


I love facts and figures and data.
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