Friday Freewrite Fifteen

I have not had a freewrite in quite a while so I set the timer for fifteen minutes, and I am going to type with abandon until it goes off. 

I have been sleeping longer than usual. Maybe it is the weather. We have had a couple of cloudy days followed by lovely sunshine in the 80's. Yesterday, we did Dial-a-Book,and I got my much needed therapeutic massage. I thought it was a luxury when the doctor recommended it in August 2012. I went ahead and followed his orders from September - February, but our income was in such flux that I stopped. I will not do that again. I am determined to do preventative monthly appointments with Dr. Koen and a massage therapist  so that I am getting muscle release at least every two weeks. They both tell me my body just binds up no matter how "right" I am doing everything else (back exercises, core conditioning, stretching, general staying in shape, etc). So, I am not going to kick myself over the spasms I have had through much of August and just bite the bullet and spend the money. I wish the massage were covered by insurance, and my massage therapist is 15 dollars more an hour that a comparable one up in Hillsboro. So, when I am up in Hillsboro, I will go to that lovely girl. When I am down here, I will go to my regular therapist. They both are excellent. 

Other than that, I am in great shape, and my weight is staying where it should be. Maintenance is work. I have had a couple of splurge days, but I am ready to be more disciplined and record my food intake (yes, even when I do not need to lose weight - maintenance is key). I have kept this weight off since April 8, and I intend to keep it off forever!

I am doing really well spiritually. I had a little strange thing happen with drama from my family, but God was very clear in saying that it was not about me (I was not a part of the drama but felt hurt that no one from my family told me it was happening. Perhaps they were embarrassed? They wanted to keep it "private," but I cannot help but think I was lied to when I asked a direct question about things back in late April. Such pain people hide behind the plastic lives.). I think I realize more than anything is that the family of God is my true family. I have support and encouragement in a phone call's reach. I think some of my family members do not have that. So, I need to be grateful. It was so good to spend a half-day in prayer about it and then have my friend, Terri, call out of the blue to have tea! 

I am having a half to a full day of prayer on a weekly basis lately where I get out of the house and go somewhere quiet. I did a full day two weeks ago, and then another half day the next day. It was so good. I journaled then I walked and prayed the streets of Corvallis and the campus. I love fall for new beginnings. All that to say is that I was wanting to get away but was afraid I would sleep in a foreign bed and mess up my back even more and not have George there to help me. So, this is a better alternative for me.

I am doing well emotionally. Other than that family thing (where I felt so alone), I really am doing well with George being gone. I am getting so much done around the house, and God is bringing together our fall schedule in His time, not ours. I think we will start a new group in October rather than in the rush of mid-September. I want to do this new group according to the Spirit's leading and not the schedule. We also might do something radical and not have a dinner and just have someone bring a weekly snack or dessert. That will save time, clean up, money. I think we might have quarterly or monthly dinners though. That would be really fun. :) 

Well, I think it is about to go off. I am not going to proofread this thing and just let it go into cyberspace. Happy Friday!
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