I was up at 6:30 am, and the house is still quiet at 7:22 am. I know it will not be for much longer. I am so much better. Part of it is that George is now home for the weekend. YAY!

Time for a goal review (I have the "Freedom to Fly Frugality Five" List up on the wall now - application from my last day of prayer.):

1) Worship and Word

I was doing REALLY well with this until a few days ago. I do not know why I was so undisciplined. Had a great time in 1 Peter 1 and part of 2. Then, I have been very undisciplined for the last few days.

My overnighter in prayer also keeps getting put back through no fault of my own. I was going to go this coming week, but Samira has her prelim at 3 pm on Monday. Then she is coming over on Tuesday.  Maybe I will take off after that for Tuesday - Friday? I could definitely do that very easily. (Update: Got a cold so will leave for Wednesday and Thursday night. I am having a VERY productive indoor day regardless of whether Samira show up or not - she partied all night after her PRELIM that she ROCKED!)

2) Wonderful Family Investment

That is going great. I feel like I am in a groove of talking at dinner with the kids, and it has been fun to have them help me with the downstairs decluttering that has been going on. I do it gradually with them, not wishing to overwhelm. They have been so helpful.

3) Work at Home

Yes, I am home a lot more than I have been, and I want this to continue. The toys under the stairs are all organized, and George is going through his boxes. So, that just leaves me with many paper boxes and memory boxes from my parents and grandparents. That may take a while. (Update: Actually, George has more under the stairs than ME! I only have two memories boxes left to sort through and some old Bible Study boxes. Also tax returns back to 1999. I know I can throw them away, but I hate to!)

I also have the downstairs guest room closet to do, but it is pretty organized down there. Once I finish that, I can finish my picture organizing that I have done up through November 2012. So, that should NOT take too long!

I have been much better about cooking. It helps that I am trying to unload so much food in that freezer! (Update: Unloaded all the turkey in the freezer and the beans and sauces in the refrigerator. I am making Tex Mex Turkey Soup using half the diced tomatoes and our homemade tomato sauce and canned paste instead of condensed tomato soup since we had so much leftover from our tomatoes that we made a big crock pot full of sauce - http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Tex-Mex-Turkey-Soup/Detail.aspx?evt19=1 ).

4) Women Investment

That is also going very well. Stacy is leaving for Kona on Monday, and I had a little going away party for her. It was good to see all the women. Kathleen came over on Thursday and Friday night too. Leslie is now moved. I anticipate things will slow down in this department. (Update: I think our Jesus Community just doubled since I wrote this with four women to invest in instead of just two.) 

5) Weight and Strength Maintenance

My weight has stayed steady at a 30 pound weight loss. It seems that I am roughly doing calorie counting for 4-5 days a week and not being concerned about it on 2-3 days a week. I think this is really acceptable. 

Strength has been mostly core and back exercises, and I recently added light weights back in. Since my back blow out back in August, I have gingerly added more things in, and I seem to be doing fine. I have also added regular massages back every four weeks and chiropractic every four weeks (so I am seen every two weeks because I stagger them). This is what keeps it in tip top shape. What a long road from this "thorn in the flesh"!
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