Ten Minute Freewrite: GO!

I am going to just write without stopping for a while. I had hoped to write here more often. I am on a heating pad today because I think I sat in my chair too long today. I worked on a week's worth of Gospel Harmony Book Club posts (so yummy, btw). So, I had to stop and do the big, moist-heat bag. I did some stretching, and whatever was out popped right back into place. YAY!  But I am taking it easy now in bed.

I have loved this month of fasting so far. I feel like the focus has been really good. I love that I am doing it with others. I am really challenged by many things.

George and I are going to go to Aqua again for Valentine's Day. I had this: red curried sweet potato puree, local braising greens, crispy sweet potato, truffled basil coulis, and passionfruit buerre blanc. It was easily the best meal I have had in YEARS (others being one of the times we went to Nick's and Gladwin's mother's Indian cooking).  

I can't believe it has been eight minutes, but I am done for now.
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