The Point Where It Hits You

I am sitting here and reading through what I wrote yesterday about Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem, and it hits me: This wash of peace like a gentle wave, rocking me almost to sleep. I rush over here to write about it. How do you document something like this so that others might believe? I don't know. It is not my goal to make them believe but just to bear witness to what I believe. This "wash" is not measurable scientifically, but it is real, nonetheless. I'm so thankful right now to know what I know because You are knowable. . . if people take the time to search. Like Helen Keller when she first heard about God:
 H. L. Willmington. Willmington's Guide to the Bible.Tyndale House Publishers. Retrieved 2007–10–18. "Sometime after she had progressed to the point that she could engage in conversation, she was told of God and his love in sending Christ to die on the cross. She is said to have responded with joy, "I always knew he was there, but I didn't know his name!""
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