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I have been sick the last couple of days. I feel it more when I first wake up. I was so uncomfortable and couldn't sleep. So I got up at 4:30 with that achy feeling all over my body.

No worries though, I still worked from 4:30 - 11:30 on the Gospel Harmony Book Club. Love doing that. The Beatitudes were on the docket for today, and they were tough to get through. I have a different take on them than most commentators. So, I had to plow through Dallas Willard's rather wordy commentary on them in The Divine Conspiracy. He does give words to what I have always believed, but TOO many words! LOL!

Now, I am comparing prices on the different photo sites, and I still can't come down on one I like the best. I didn't like how Snapfish cropped some of my pictures (I see now it was the ones I took with the Powershot which has a different aspect ratio than the Digital SLR so that shouldn't be too much of a problem) especially on the ones I had resized. I guess I have learned my lesson to avoid "custom crops" on photos if I want to see the whole picture when I get it back. I did that a LOT in 2007, but I hardly did it at all in 2011. So, I should be OK from here on out.

I saved a bird that had smashed into our window yesterday. I say that because I am hearing a song sparrow. Of course I just noticed it, but George says that he has been singing his "territorial song" all morning. He is surprised by that because it is too early in the season for all of that.  Actually, he thinks it is a Spotted Towhee (used to be Rufus-sided) now.  The bird I saved was a Yellow Rumped Warbler. My Marlin Perkins George Weaver husband wasn't home when the catastrophe happened. So, I asked the Facebook friends to help, and I got a plethora of responses. Before that, I just went to see if the Warbler was dead because I thought for sure he was since he was face down (or beak down) in the snow. I didn't want to touch it so I took a cloth grocery sack and slid it under him, and much to my delighted surprise, he hoped upright but didn't move after that. So, I took him inside, but I thought he would fly all over the place. So, I gingerly place him on our dry deck away with the covering to avoid snow and predators. I kept an eye on him and saw that one person said I should call a Wildlife Center. After listening to the spiel about how they don't get any public funds and please give to them, I was told to leave a message. So, I left it, but someone picked up the phone. The nice lady said I could keep the bird in a dark closet in a cardboard box. As I was talking, he started moving more and more and flew away. She said that it usually takes about 45 minutes, and that is was!

She said, "Oh a happy ending!" And I was thankful for being sick and home from church.

Somehow is warmed my heart on the cold, snowy day.

Now that I have warmed up my fingers. I may order some more photos. I already have them uploaded to Shutterfly, and I like their prints and website the best. I have 2009 365 in the cart already. :) I wish I could remember FOR SURE what I ordered yesterday so I don't order something twice. I am really focusing on doing this now, and I can't worry about the cost of it all. I am spending so much less than a photo book. I think the 365 are running me about $65 to print and put in a book versus making a digital book for WAY more than that (365 pictures make for many pages) and tons more time. The same is true for doing a Creative Memories physical scrapbook for the kids. Each of those pages are many dollars when you add the prints AND the stickers AND the TIME! That is the big killer. I have it for Paul from birth to 6th grade and Michael from birth to 8th grade. That is enough!

I will be caught up in no time, and I think it is much more fun the way I am doing it now.

Well, I am signing off.


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