My 600th Post!

I have had this blog a while, but I don't write here very often. I was surprised it was number 600 though!  This doesn't count the blog that I thought I had lost so I started this new one. It disappeared for years. Then, all of a sudden it showed up on my blog dashboard one day: .

I just had a tooth extraction today. SO, it says I must "recline upright" until the evening. I am determined to read a book and not work today, but we will see. I am having so much fun with my new writing project ( that it is hard for me to step away. I am SO glad I am doing the Old Testament Bible Book Club concurrently with this because those OT prophets are pretty hard to get through. I was longing to get to Jesus by the end last time we covered them in the BBC! So, Jesus is front and center in my thoughts everyday, and we are looking BACK at those OT prophets!  Very fun and rewarding project.

I love our Kingdom Community gospel reading that is also coinciding with the Gospel Harmony Book Club. It is so cool. This is a GREAT group of people. The community is forming, and I am overjoyed to have it. I am really glad we reduced to 10 from the 19 people we had before. It was just too big for community and also not all the people were ready for what we are covering. YAY God for making that call for us and making it abundantly clear to all of us that it was the right move.

Well, I can feel the pain killers kicking in. I don't like the feel of oxycodone. I almost feel like the pain is better than the way I feel when taking it. So, I am just doing this as my lidocaine wears off to see how it all feels.

By the way, the weather today is GORGEOUS. So nice after all the rain we have had lately. I am enjoying resting here.

Carol OUT
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