I am grateful for today. I realize that writing has become so much of my work these days. I wrote a 553 page book last year. Or I should say that I wrote about 200 pages last year and reworked and edited the rest. I will be doing the same this year with another book in the works for the Gospel Harmony Book Club.

Interesting that I have lost meeting with Jane, Elizabeth, and Michelle from 2011 but will meet with Kathleen and periodically with Heather. So, that gives me some extra time.

What I have done with that extra time is picked up a Romans study with Rachel and Kim (which I love) and am working more on home projects long neglected because ministry has beckoned. I suppose I have a certain amount of time doing home things, and most of that home time was spent homeschooling, leading literature classes, and homeschool field trips. So, the "home" stuff has shifted as I take the role of cheerleader and occasional proofreader for the college work that my kids are doing.

Well, I am now going to sit and soak in John 5 and part of John 6 to prepare for tonight's Kingdom Community AND for writing in the Gospel Harmony Book Club.


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