Today is Gingerbread House Day

Yes, we will make another one of these lovely creations. We have done this since before we went to Malaysia, although the picture of the first one we did was lost forever when someone stole my camera. (Big sigh). I believe that was in 1996, right before we went away to Malaysia!

I don't think we did them in Malaysia though. So, we have done them since 1999! Wow! I will have to find a photo archives of all our attempts at making the perfect house.

We have done it with the K's for the last three years, and that has been lovely. I have invited the Alexander boys, and Dee has invited the Sarah and Emma. So, it should be fun, fun, fun.

I am on the verge of my 100th post after two years of doing this blog. It is a time for celebration (Although I had the other blog that mysteriously disappeared, and I probably had about 50 posts on that one alone)!

I will post pictures of our Gingerbread Creations in a little bit.

Still want to celebrate Santa Lucia Day, but I think it will be on Saturday. I am hoping that George will make some yummy cinnamon rolls on Friday night!


P.S. Don't you love my nifty "Books that I have Read" tab on the side? Thank you Ampersand for teaching me how to do this and finding that nifty site that I told you about yesterday. I spent most of the day entering books that I have read. Many were from lists I have made over the years, but some were just from memory when they popped into my head. I am sure there are many more that I have read, but I entered more than 500 yesterday. My head hurts, and I am staying away from that website today.


Unknown said…
I love your blog title, Carol! it fits you perfectly. And I love your books too. I want to do that so I'm glad you asked Amerpsand how to do it. I'll have to add it to my blog (though the real humor of it is that my books are mostly texts for college and not with any beautiful covers to admire).

Carol Weaver said…
Hey there! I am so glad you came and visited.

I have been OBSESSED with making this library. I am up to 550 books! LOL! That is what I get for being so prepared for Christmas that I have nothing better to do with my time!
Susanne said…
Teach me how, Carol. Pleeeeease!

Love ya,
Susanne, who is totally impressed with your entering 550 books! That's only about a sixth of my library, which scares me. (Perhaps it will be like inventorying out 55,000 title bookstore in three days -- who knows?) I wonder if I can post that little sampling of my library on homeschoolblogger? Hmmmm...
Carol Weaver said…
Hi Susanne!

I have posted all the books that I have read. I didn't post what is in my library because I don't buy and keep many of my books. So, I would say that I own about half of the ones in my library. Then there are some on my shelf I haven't read yet. They are the TWEM books waiting to be read after a one year hiatus!

I plan on tackling TWEM again in the new year!

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