I am so darn happy.

I have about five minutes before I am out the door to the movie, but I wanted to write a little freewrite. I looked in the mirror a few minutes ago, and I like what I see! I have kept the weight I lost this summer for three months now. That was about ten percent of my body weight. So, I like how I feel in my body. I like how I feel in my clothes. I like how I have been able to stay in shape all through the busy fall.

On top of that, I like who I am around and where I am going. No more crazy, psycho, drama queen ladies in my life anymore, and I am happy that I am being VERY selective about who I allow in my life now. So, I not only like how I look right now, I like who I am hanging with.

I like my kids. They are not big jocks. They aren't really popular. They are just nice PEOPLE. Just today we were all laughing at The Complete Adventures of Curious George, and we were just having a fun time.

I like my husband. He makes me so darn happy. He likes to go to movies and will go with my girlfriends and me. He likes similar books. He likes to talk deep at a moments notice. He likes to invest in people and not things. That is a huge value.

I like my extended family and in-laws. There is peace on ever side, and we know how to make peace if anything happens because all those people on both sides of the family are committed to peace.

I like my church. Another group of people who are commited to peace. I like this new family.

Well, I am out of time and off to spend a lovely evening with friends and my sweet, adorable, tall, handsome and sexy husband.

I am so hilariously happy.

The end.


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