Another Sick Day

I am sick today. Yesterday, I almost fell asleep during White Christmas at the Pix Theatre. It was such a delightful film, but I could tell that I was still sick.

I tried to watch Captain's Courageous with George, but I kept falling asleep. So, I slept from 8:20 - 11:40 last night, and I woke up and couldn't go back to sleep until 4 a.m. So, I used the time to read Hinds' Feet on High Places. How delightful! I haven't read this since I was in college!

Skipped church, and George said that our new pastor said he hopes I feel better. Also, Kim, the children's ministry director, said she was praying. What a great, great church to even care that I was sick! I was gone for a whole summer once because of major surgery, and the only ones who even noticed were the people in my Bible study! I am simply amazed at how caring this church really is. Thank you JESUS for giving me a new, caring church family.

So, while my sweet family was at church, my sweet friend, Teala, called, and we talked for three hours! She needed someone to process things with. What a dear friend of almost 30 years!

Debbie also emailed to say that she thinks she will engaged by the New Year! WOOOHOOO!

Off to have Jambalya with sausage and chicken!

YUMMY and I am a spoiled person when it comes to my sweet husband serving me
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