It is Well - Sunday Morning Fifteen Minute Freewrite

What a great week. It was full, but I had many days of rest and sustaining sprinkled throughout the week.

It was especially full on Saturday. I was a little leery about how busy it would be, but I allowed for time in my schedule today SABBATH REST (the Cycle of Grace Sustaining after a Cycle of Grace Significance/Fruitful time).

Of course it started with time with God, Morning Affirmations and Stretch (M.A.S.S.), and a prayerful review of my previous day with GEORGE. Sometimes I write it on this blog, but most days, I just pray, and I love it when George is home to do it with him.  Thank you, Fran, for doing it with your husband and giving me the idea to do it with mine!

Then I took a Face to Face Prayer Walk before an important leader in an influential church came to visit. God spoke to me MANY years ago about this church, and I have been praying into this for that long.  It has been so wonderful to see God speak and act, and this was the culmination as God spoke to this leader to come and seek our counsel about the direction they are going. It was a good time. She is so on the same page. I like her a lot. What a wonderful, solid young woman! I will pray into her life more and more. 

Then it was off to a lunch date with four people and a baby. I loved hearing the story of a family that came to follow Jesus! WOW! I just love hearing people's stories. 

Then I went to pick up my friend to go to a Henna and English Party. She expressed that her mother-in-law does not speak English and is lonely, having only arrived a month ago. I thought, "Hey, my friend speaks her language, and she is looking for friends from this country!" So, I introduced my friend to this other friend, and I am hoping and praying that something works out for them. 

The Henna Party and English was so great. Amy led wonderfully, and the Henna artists, one of whom was the lovely Joanne from our Kingdom Community, were amazing! I had two ladies from Japan, a woman from the Philippines, a Shi'a from Saudi Arabia (so adorable), my friend from Afghanistan, and a woman from Iran (who did not speak English so Madina translated for us). Really lovely!

There was a little bit of drama at the other table so I went over calm things down a bit ("run interference" was my mandate). It is funny where I see, more and more, that I probably am just as much a 9 Peacemaker as a 2 Helper on the Enneagram! They always tie, but I always thought the Helper better describes me, but I think they both do. I love doing this, and I had such a wonder talk with an Iraqi woman as a result. I have heard about her for years, but I have never really talked to her. 

Then, my friend, Mindy, locked herself out of her car. SO I got some extra time with her to take her home. Then I brought Madina back and spent two hours having tea and meeting her mother in law and talking to her husband. They are such a lovely, lovely family!

I returned home to George making me Italian Sausage and Penne and chatting with the fam. Then, we watched a movie called the Duchess and I had to look up the history of this fascinating character!

It was a full, fun, in-line with God's plan for me kind of day, but I am taking today OFF and enjoying it! God is good all the time. All the time, he is good!


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